Outdoor Club Equipment

De Anza College Outdoor Club members who pay a higher priced membership fee get to rent club-owned equipment for use on club events. Club equipment is first-signed-up-for-a-trip, first-served.

According to a 2015 price list for a local outdoor gear rental firm, one full size (6 ft) Thermarest insulating pad would cost you $10 for a day, a 2 person tent $20 a day, a four person tent $25 a day, a six person tent $40 a day, a backpack $20 a day, a one burner stove $15 a day.

Outdoor Club membership is $15 for 365 days. Members who pay an additional $15 (for 365 days) rental fee along with their membership pay no rentals cost and can use club equipment with refundable full (retail) replacement value, cleaning and late fee deposits (if you return the gear clean, dry, in good condition and on time you get a refund). Members who do not pay the higher priced membership fee can rent from places often listed at Snow or Rain camp must-haves

We do not rent equipment for private trips or to other clubs, only for De Anza Outdoor Club events.

replacement values are/were:

A 6′ long thermarest $175

An insulating foam pad $50

A two burner stove $100

Backpack $300

2 person tent / market value (summer 2015 – $300)

6 or 8 person tent market value (summer 2015 – $950)

lantern $80

dining canopy $200

ice chest $160

Garcia bear resistant food container $90

griddles, gaiters, fanny packs, pop-up chairs, misc. extras market value

Life jackets and paddles are included in the trip price for our kayaking trips. Dry bags are included in the trip price for our kayak overnight trips. None of these are ‘rented’ in advance.

miniworks water filter:

We provide first aid kits, water purifying pumps and a snowshovel as needed during some trips. On some trips we also provide maps and family band two-way radios, kayaks/lifejackets/paddles.

canister: Bear resistant Garcia food storage containers are usually included in the trip price for our backpack trips. The club owns enough canisters for a small group, or for each in a large group to prepack their food/toiletries in advance to get an idea of whether they need to rent more at the park.

We don’t have any good sleeping bags or winter boots to rent, but any local outfitters we know of that do are listed at: Snow or rain camp must-haves .

Refundable fees include $20 late fee (described in detail in the Outdoor Club Sample Rental Agreement, $50 cleaning deposit for tents, stoves and dining canopies, and $10 cleaning deposit (and mantle replacement if needed) for all other items. Again, if you return the gear clean, dry, in good condition and on time you get a refund of these deposits.

If you intend to rent from us it will go much faster if you read Outdoor Club Sample Rental Agreement for details.

We have lanterns and stoves in backpack and basecamp sizes,

lanterns and stove:

and insulated sleeping pads like this combo of a Thermarest on top of a plain insulating pad. It is never warm enough, at any time of the year, to sleep on just an air mattress (the kind you float on in a pool). If you want to bring an air mattress to make the ground softer, bring an insulating pad to put on top of it.

sleeping pads:

If you put your insulating pad on top of a pop-up chair or folding chair you’ll be noticably warmer sitting around the campsite, as in the photo below:

pop-up chairs:

All our tents are dome shaped with full rain flies that go all the way down the outside to effectively shed rain and snow. In the first photo below of a backpacking campsite at Sunrise, on the left is one of three Walrus two-person tents we own. We also have REI two-person Half Dome tents.

Sunrise campsite:

Photos below are of our Cabela eight-person tents. These are tall enough for people to stand up inside of. On a winter trip 4 to 6 people should probably be all that share one so there is more room for potentially wet gear. If you borrow one from us you might want to look at How to pitch the Cabela eight-person tent

girls with Cabella:

goodmorning2004winter120 pixels: wakeupcookieswinter2004 160 pxl:

For pictures of tents to NOT take on our trips scroll down to the bottom of Camping Blunders

We also have gaiters, dining canopies (including four 10′ x 10′ ‘easy-ups’), backpacks, Garcia backpacker’s food canisters, pop-up chairs, ice chests, fanny packs, a volleyball net and ball, two silverstone griddles the size to put on a two-burner stove, two ice chests, Thermarest chair frames suitable for backpacking, tarps.

We also use ten tandem (two- or one-person) kayaks, paddles, lifejackets and there is a trailer to tow them to our Wyoming or Lake Tahoe trips, for example.

These are not the kind of kayaks you need to know how to do an Eskimo roll if they tip over, but they are also not the sit-on-top kind okay for ocean use. They are for relatively flat water lake or reservoir use, not rivers or oceans.

The college owns the ten tandem kayaks. Any club can use them by setting it up with the Outdoor Club advisor, but please note that the driving record of the club advisor/De Anza staff member towing the kayak trailer must be approved by Risk Management. For info on their use go to:
Kayaks (and trailer) use

kayak trailer at Tahoe: fully loaded kayak trailer at Lake Tahoe

The Outdoor Club is a completely volunteer organization, neither the officers nor the advisor are paid. As a result you will not get the same “service” from us as from a professional group. We do not have the time to return phone calls or emails from people asking questions that they could have found the answers to by simply looking through this website. We can’t always find a way to sign up people who can’t make it to our regular meetings, to a class when we are there, or to a table we have on campus. People who wait until the last minute to sign up are sometimes left out.

We only have one rental time for each trip and only one return time for a full refund.

For details about club events and how to find us to pay for a membership, sign up for events or volunteer, go to:

Outdoor Club Coming Attractions