Outdoor Club Basic Info

You’ll get fastest answers to most questions at this website, or at a meeting.

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We offer the widest range of activities of any club at De Anza. We camp, hike, backpack, kayak, cycle, go horseback riding, caving and surfing. The club gives lessons or gets a good price for lessons from professional instructors.

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We specialize in trips and events for beginners.

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Almost all of our camping trips have people who have never been camping before; even the winter trips camping with snow on the ground.

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You don’t have to be a club member to go on events, just a De Anza student (or most faculty/staff). The main rules common to most of our trips are at: Outdoor Club trip rules.

We usually have around 30 to 40 members and some students do things with us without becoming members. Our members range from grizzled backpackers to people who bring half their life’s possessions with them when they camp.

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Membership is $15 for 365 days. You do not need to pay for a membership, but club members get a lower price for every event. Reasons why you should become a member are at: Membership benefits

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The Outdoor Club is a completely volunteer organization, neither the officers nor the advisor are paid. As a result you will not get the same ‘service’ from us as from a professional group.

We can’t always find a way to sign up people who can’t make it to our regular meetings, to a class when we are there, or to a table we have on campus. If none of the times we have available for signups are convenient for you, we don’t have enough people to be able to meet personally with you and sign you up.

People who wait until the last minute to sign up are sometimes left out.

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Puuuuleeeeease note:
Sign ups go much faster when people read all the details about a trip before showing up.

You can’t just show up for an off-campus event and expect to participate without having signed up (trip agreement/releases) in advance in person.

You can’t sign up on-line, by email or at this website, each student must appear in person to sign up. Your friend or even your spouse can’t sign the required trip agreement. If you are under 18 a parent/guardian will also need appear in person to sign the paperwork.

It can take a lot of time to fill out all the needed paperwork. Signing up for off campus events will go faster if you have done one of the releases in advance, go to: field trip release to print one in advance.

You always need to bring proof you are a De Anza student to be able to sign up for an event. Please read details of events at this webpage and at the individual trip webpages before you come to sign up.

You can’t sign up without paying for an event. If you pay for the event and don’t do trip paperwork, and/or don’t attend, you will not get a refund. If you pay for the trip before doing paperwork and then do not get the paperwork done and in the hands of the faculty advisor before the trip, you will not get a refund and can not just show up and try to participate.

We do not have waitlists.

Will you bring real rain gear (like a hooded rain jacket and rain pants) on our trips, or will the faculty advisor make a garbage bag ‘rain jacket’ for you?

rain gear: models show real rain jackets and plastic garbage bag gear

Only currently enrolled De Anza students can go on club events. People who want to go on an event between quarters must be enrolled in the following quarter. For example, to go on a late summer trip you need to be already enrolled in Fall quarter. Faculty are subject to various rules depending on whether they are full time, ten month, part time, on sabbatical or Article 19 and should contact the club advisor well in advance of an event they want to participate in.

If your spouse or friend wants to join you in our adventures, they might want to enroll in a half unit P.E. class. For complete info about becoming a De Anza student and registration steps go to: http://www.deanza.fhda.edu/admissions/

Why are there so many rules?

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For details about club events and on how to find us to pay for a membership, sign up for events or volunteer, go to:

Outdoor Club Coming Attractions

Carpools are arranged among the students going on the trips, not by the club or the college. For info on how to get/give a ride go to Carpool FAQs

Road trip advice and etiquette

Outdoor Club frog hunt:

Interesting weather does not cancel club events. No refunds for no-shows.

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Any club member can propose and plan a club event. For details go to: Club Trip Leader Job Description

How club money is spent is at: Outdoor Club Finances and how the club is organized is at Outdoor Club Constitution

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This girl was caught studying in the restroom at 5 a.m. on one of our Yosemite winter trips. Why in the restroom? Because it’s heated in the winter and you can save on flashlight batteries. At 5 a.m. it’s quiet except for the coyotes howling in the distance. Lots of people study on our trips, bringing homework, projects and even laptops. Some study in cars on the way to and from the trip. This might not be as effective as studying at home, but you’ve got to get away and have fun sometime!

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De Anza College home games also has links to student recitals, dance performances and art exhibitions.

Years ago the college made the club remove a Facebook page that some club members had made without consulting the club Executive Board (officers), and did not maintain. So now the De Anza College Outdoor Club does not have a Facebook page. Anything you find about the De Anza Outdoor Club on Facebook is not endorsed or sponsored by the De Anza Outdoor Club, De Anza College or the De Anza Foothill District.

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For all the info about De Anza clubs and the InterClubCouncil go to:

Inter-Club Council documents and forms are at:

scroll down to get to the ICC Code, ICC Financial Code and ICC Flea Market Concession Code

All officers of every club at De Anza College are required
by the InterClubCouncil (ICC)

to read the ICC Financial Code

and reading it would be a good idea for any club member.


When you do, you will note that there are limits on what clubs are allowed to spend on various things, that clubs need to keep in mind when planning anything they want to get money from the ICC for.

If a club gets money from the ICC there are time limits for when the money must be spent.

“All printed materials must be printed on recycled paper and state “Printing funded(partially) by ICC” on all the materials.”

= = = =

“Club event will follow Per Meal Policy: (which includes tax and tip)

Breakfast will not exceed $10.00

Lunch will not exceed $15.00

Dinner will not exceed $30.00

The amount needs to include tax and tip per person. An original, itemized receipt needs to be attached to a requisition for reimbursement. ”

-This one applies to the Outdoor Club when we offer to pay for part of the brunch at the Ahwahnee Hotel at the end of the winter Yosemite trip as a thankyou to club officers.

In an email I sent to trip members before the 2019 trip, I said about the brunch

“Cost this year is $56, plus tax $4.39, plus 18% gratuity when you sit in a group of six or more, and we always do sit in a large group = total $70.47.

If you are on a budget and don’t want to do the whole brunch you can usually order just an entrée from a limited menu (polenta, pancakes, oatmeal, etc., plus tax, plus 18% gratuity) but be prepared to be quite jealous of everyone else.”

The club is never allowed to pay for the whole $70.47, even if we have enough money without asking the ICC for some, even if we wanted to thank officers by using money we won for best-decorated club day table, award for best video, perfect attendance at ICC meetings and other requirements, etc. We can only pay $15 (if we make a brunch reservation during lunch-time hours) or $10 ( if we make a brunch reservation during breakfast-time hours). What we usually do is have each person pay for their share of the brunch while we are at the dining room, and I pay the part paid by the Club separately so I will have a separate receipt for the money the club spent when I get reimbursed.

= = = =

“No part of the expense of any event may be paid from money collected” – this means that if we collect cash payments from people for trips, the money must go directly to Student Accounts and can’t be used to pay for a campsite, kayak rental, etc.

“NO DEFICIT SPENDING WILL BE ALLOWED. No funds will be advanced on a petty cash basis.”
(Yes, you might guess that this is in the code because clubs have previously tried to spend money they did not yet have and were in arrears.)

“Any club sponsoring an event needs to provide a copy of the minutes or a club financial action form from the club meeting which approved this event before requesting a check. The requisition should list clearly the amounts for the miscellaneous expenses, such as food, date of event and number of people attending event.”


“If a club signs up for an ICC sponsored event/entertainment slot and fails to participate then there will be a $25 fine that will be deducted from their club account by one of the ICC Officers.. .”

“There will be a $25 fine for any club that fails to clean up its area at Club Day . . .” (This is why we are always careful to not only clean up around our own table after we pack up on club day, but anything that might be blown into our “area” and seem to be left by us. This is also why the ICC officers must come by the area and take a look and report back that the area was clean.)

“If a club signs up for an ICC sponsored event, then they have up to (1) week in advance to notify one of the ICC Officers or the ICC Advisor about a change/cancellation to prevent a fine”

“If the club has less than $25 left in their account to pay off their ICC Fine, then the ICC Officers will determine what community services the club must do instead of the fine.”

Clubs are not allowed to contract for many things without more than the usual advance permission:

“Contracts for orchestras, facility rental, entertainers, athletic events, speakers, etc., must be signed by Director of Fiscal Services.”

I did not include everything from the ICC Financial Code in this outline at this webpage and again, each club officer is supposed to read it and it would be wise for people who want to design a new trip to read it.


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