Outdoor Club Sample Rental Agreement

The Outdoor Club can no longer rent out equipment, but I am leaving this here.

This is a SAMPLE De Anza Outdoor Club equipment rental agreement.

Just because you read it in advance on-line doesn’t mean you should skip reading the real one when you rent from us — this is only part of the agreement and you need to be certain you understand when and where to return equipment.

We only have one rental time for each trip and only one return time to be able to get a full refund.

Club equipment is first-signed-up-for-a-trip, first-served.

De Anza College Outdoor Club members who pay a higher priced membership fee get to rent club-owned equipment for use on club events.

Membership is $15 for 365 days. Members who pay an additional $15 (for 365 days) rental fee along with their membership pay no rentals cost and can use club equipment with refundable replacement value, cleaning and late fee deposits (if you return the gear clean, in good condition and on time you get a refund).

You must pay the full deposit at Student Accounts before picking up the equipment.

The club can’t accept your deposit money from you. This means you have to make plans for what you want and figure out the deposit before the pre-trip meeting if that is when we give out rental equipment.

For pictures and a list of some of the equipment we rent click on this link: Outdoor Club Equipment

animated red arrow: Most people get their replacement value, late fee and cleaning fee back in full, but there have been exceptions:

One guy who rented from the club insisted that it wasn’t ‘fair’ when he had to pay for damage to a tent because he didn’t tip over the lantern that made the hole in the floor, someone sharing the tent with him did. He didn’t want to be responsible for the tent even though he was the one who rented it.

Another guy got irritated when the equipment he had borrowed wasn’t returned on time and he had to pay a late fee. He had sent some of the stuff back in another guy’s car and the other guy didn’t bring the gear on our rental return date.

The club considers the person renting the equipment to be the one responsible for it, just as any commercial equipment rental place would.

Yet another guy decided it wasn’t fair that we have only one rentals return time/day for a full refund.

The Outdoor Club is a completely volunteer organization, neither the officers nor the advisor are paid. As a result you will not get the same ‘service’ from us as from a professional group. If you want to rent gear and be able to have some freedom in exactly when you return it, rent from a commercial place.

The form below is subject to change. Carefully read the actual form at the time you rent from us.

tt blue rule:

Please carefully read this De Anza College Outdoor Club

rental and release agreement before signing it.

Spaces to print student’s name, last four digits of S.S.#, home Phone #, email, cell phone, AGE

(if under 18, they need to borrow from someone or get a parent to rent at Sports Basement, for example).

Renter acknowledges that: there will be no food (even gum, snacks or drinks), toiletries, cots, chairs, spike heels, cleats or smoking in tents; all equipment for camping (not backpacking) trips, except tents and dining canopies, will be locked in a vehicle when the renter is not in the campsite, the club does not promise that any equipment will work as intended (tents and dry bags may leak, for example). The renter is responsible for making sure all needed parts (tent poles, etc,) are there when the equipment is picked up and for knowing how to properly use the equipment (how to pitch a tent or how to use a mantle on a lantern, for example). Large tents must be shared unless the extra space is not needed. On winter trips, or if there are sufficient supplies, one person can and should rent two sleeping pads.

Fees include $20 late fee, $50 cleaning deposit for tents, stoves and dining canopies, and $10 cleaning deposit for all other items. Lanterns will be given to the renter with either an intact mantle or a new mantle to be installed and will be returned in the same condition or the $10 cleaning fee will be deducted. At least one propane or propane/butane mix tank, possibly only partially full, will be included, and the stove or lantern will be returned with a proper size and kind tank that is at least partially full, or the $10 fee will be deducted. Liquid fuel may or may not be present in a stove or lantern; it is the responsibility of the renter. Only one person checks out each item (even though many might sleep in a tent), and that person is responsible for it, whether they transport it or not. The renter is responsible for any late fees even If equipment goes home after the trip in a different vehicle than the one the renter is in or is supposedly being returned by someone else.

Spaces to fill in Equipment name and identifying number, Value, Late fee, Cleaning deposit


Total value $__________ Total late fees $_______Total cleaning deposits $________

You can’t pay by debit card or personal check. People have tried previously to say that they have a “debit/credit card” but no such thing exists, it is either a credit card or it is not. You need to go the Student Accounts downstairs in the campus center (pay to account # 44-4371). If you pay by cash, cashiers check or money order you pay $______
If you pay by credit card you need to pay an extra 2%, which is not refundable, total: $____ You must bring a receipt (with your name on it and the amount paid) to the pre-trip meeting, Friday, Jan. XX. 5 p.m. to at least 6 p.m. at our storage area at the east end of the Stelling parking structure to pick up the gear. IF the equipment is returned dry, clean and in good condition to a club officer at our storage area at the east end of the Stelling parking structure on (due date) Saturday, Feb. XX at 1:15 p.m, all the deposits will be returned. If the equipment is returned on the late returns day, $10 late fee will be deducted. After (late returns date) Saturday, Feb. XX at 1:15 p.m. same place, if you do not bring the gear back, you own it (and will have paid, with no returns, the entire $20 per item late fee and full replacement value, in effect paying current retail price for used equipment.) Only your cleaning deposit will be returned. Please make careful note of the due dates/times/places. The club officers can’t extend them for any reason, valid or not. If these due dates will not work for you, don’t rent from the club. If the equipment is returned wet, and or dirty the cleaning deposit will be deducted. If the equipment is damaged, see terms on next page. Please note that it can take weeks to get your deposits back and if you pay by credit card you might be paying interest on the balance.

This equipment will be used only on this club event: Yosemite Valley camping, Feb. X-X, 20XX


I, the undersigned, accept for use as is the possibly “used” equipment listed on this form and accept full responsibility for the care of it, will be responsible for its replacement at full retail value, agree to reimburse and hold harmless the De Anza College Outdoor Club for any loss or damage of any kind, except normal wear and tear, and agree to return the equipment on the agreed date, clean, dry and in good condition to avoid losing any of the deposit/fees(except if I pay by credit card I will not be refunded the 2%). I understand that it can take four weeks or longer to process the paperwork to get the deposit returned, and if it is being returned by check, I will have to show a photo I.D. to pick up my check at Student Accounts.

Comments on equipment condition:

I understand there are inherent and other risks in the activity for which this equipment is to be used (camping, backpacking, mountaineering, hiking, climbing, boating, bicycling, team or individual sports or other recreational-type activities) and that injuries are a common and ordinary occurrence of these activities, and I freely accept those risks.

I have made no misrepresentations to the club regarding my physical condition or needs for specific equipment.

I understand the function and use of the equipment, and did not expect instruction in its use, but if I was given any instructions on the use of the equipment they are clear to me. (I was told I should plan the time at the pre-trip meeting to pitch a tent I borrow and should plan to borrow or buy a tarp to cover a tent in case it leaks.)

I hereby release De Anza College, the Foothill-De Anza District, the De Anza College Outdoor Club, and its faculty or staff advisors, officers, volunteers and members from any liability for damage or injury to myself and any person or property resulting from my negligence, the selection and use of this equipment, accepting for myself the full responsibility for any and all such damage or injury which may result.

(Initial one of the following statements)

_______I am 18 years of age or older and will be the participant (and renter) in this event

I, the undersigned, have read and understood this two page rental agreement and release. I execute it voluntarily and with full knowledge of its significance.

Signature of Participant (renter)_________________________.
Date January _________ 20XX

Renter has shown they are a De Anza student by showing a club official (name)__________________ their student photo I.D. #_______________for winter quarter 20XX. OR they are known to be a current student to a (present at renting) De Anza instructor_____________ OR they are known to be a volunteer of record for De Anza to a (present at renting) De Anza Instructor. If they appear to be under 25 years old they have shown a (circle one) drivers license, State of California I.D. or passport (birthdate:______________) to confirm they are at least 18 years old. They have PAID FOR THE TRIP BEFORE THE RENTALS _____ Deposit in the amount of $______________ was made to Student Accounts on ____________20XX and copy of the receipt is attached to this record.


We do not have the time to return phone calls or emails from people asking questions that they could have found the answers to by simply looking through this website. We can’t always find a way to sign up people who can’t make it to our regular meetings, to a class when we are there, or to a table we have on campus. People who wait until the last minute to sign up are sometimes left out.

Date/Times, places to find us to get questions answered are at: Outdoor Club Coming Attractions