April 2006 surfing page one

Our spring quarter surfing lesson started as usual, with a lesson on the beach including how waves are formed, how to ride one, etiquette and some practice trying to stand up on the boards.

group practice on beach 2006 spr surf: more group pract 2006 spr surf:

There were so many pictures that they took forever to load, so I made them into two pages. This first page is mostly wipeouts, or shall we say, minor losses of balance.

spr 2006 wipeout one: wipeout four spr 2006: Alan Ahlstrand wipeout April 2006:

wipeout april 2006 seven:

two wipeouts at once 2006 sprg:

two wipeouts spr 2006: wipeout three spr 2006:

wipeout two spr 2006: Jessica wipeout april 2006:

spring 2006 flying off the surfboard:

The pictures of success are at: April 2006 surfing page two

For info on our surfing lesson this year go to:

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