April 2006 surfing page two

See April 2006 surfing page one
for the wipeout pictures.

In the pictures below you can see two instuctors next to two surfing students, giving them a little push as needed when it is time for them to paddle and try to stand up:

three action figures surf 2006:

surf 2006 various arms in air: Troy april 2006 surf:

one standing one getting up 2006 April surf:

While the waves are quiet for a moment, people wait and talk, and in this picture, one practiced standing up on the board:

waiting and practicing for the next wave:

success spr 06 two: success spr 2006 one:

success spr 2006 surf four: success seven sprig 2006:

In this picture you can see a wipeout on the left and on the right, an instructor surfing next to a student to help them try to catch a wave:

instuctor assist spring 2006 surf:

success  five spring 2006: success six sprg 2006:

success eight spring 2006: success spr 2006 three:

For info on our surfing lesson this year go to:

Outdoor Club Coming Attractions surfing lessons