backboarding mistakes quiz 1 page one

Identify what mistake(s) were made in each of these photos.

You will need to think through the steps and recognize things that are happening at the wrong time. You need to spot things that should not happen at any time.

Some of these mistakes are described to every class so they will not happen during testing, yet they still happen.

Yes, some of these are just for a laugh, but some of the most obvious or critical really are mistakes people have made, posted here in the hope that you will not.

Extra thought can get you extra credit.

1 backboard mistake fourteen:

2 backboard mistake eight:

3 backboard mistake eleven:

4 backboard mistake nine:

5 backboard mistake seven:

6 backboard mistake five:

7 backboard mistake fifteen:

All these photos were posed.

American Red Cross (ARC) lifeguard and lifeguard instructor
(LGI) Robert Campbell, lifeguard Jennifer Oldham (red swimsuit)
and lifeguard / LGI / EMT Christine Schuhe (blue swim cap)
demonstrated the mistakes on this page.

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