backboarding mistakes quiz page five

27 backboard mistake quiz head chin from bottom: showing a mistake in getting a spinal injury victim from the bottom of a pool

28 backboard mistakes quiz head chin at surface: depicting a mistake in backboarding using a head and chin support at the surface of deep water

29 backboard mistakes quiz Alan Eric and April: depicting a mistake in backboarding

30 backboard mistakes quiz May 2009: backboarding mistake

31 backboard mistake remove tube: two lifeguards pretend to make a mistake while backboarding

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All these photos were posed.

In photo 29, American Red Cross lifeguard / lifeguard instructor Alan Ahlstrand (at head of backboard) and lifeguard April Sanchez backboard lifeguard / lifeguard instructor Eric Hall.

At photo 31 American Red Cross lifeguard / Marine Corps veteran (sergeant) Christina Bolanos (at head of board) and lifeguard Sierra Janssen backboard lifeguard / lifeguard instructor Raul Alba.