Baylands kayaking October 2023

Some of these have been added to the
main trip webpage about our trips kayaking at Baylands Preserve,
which has the cost and details about the next trip we have planned.

5 people under a canoe

people with kayak paddles

people carrying a kayak down a ramp

woman sitting on a dock with her feet in a kayak in the water

getting in the kayak

kayakers holding on to dock

kayakers holding on to dock

5 kayaks on bay

4 adults in 2 kayaks

2 adults paddling a kayak

2 women in a kayak

2 women briskly paddling



High above us, a nest in the power lines:
kayakers and power lines



When bringing the kayaks back up the ramp to the trailer in October 2023, we saw the biggest rainbow of the day:

people on dock, rainbow behind

people lifting up a kayak off the ground

lifting a kayak towards a trailer

kayak going on to trailer rack

kayak on rack

Interesting weather does not cancel Outdoor Club events (except we do not paddle in lightning storms).
On the October 2023 trip we had cloudy/sunny weather almost all morning,
with a few sprinkles on and off at the end as we were reloading the kayaks on the trailer.

After everyone was packed up and departing it rained and then opened up with a huge downpour.