De Anza College Outdoor Club Monterey kayak trip March 26 2016

row of kayaks

For the De Anza College spring break kayak trip on Monterey Bay, in March 2016, the first marine mammal we saw after launching, (besides scuba divers) was a seal that swam between our kayaks.

seal swims among kayakers from the De Anza College Outdoor Club

A juvenile otter surfaced and looked at us from a little distance

otter among kelp surfaces and looks at kayakers

The otter swam among kayakers but was hard to get a picture of. In this photo the otter is among the left hand group of kayaks in front of the fishing boat. You can also see a standup paddleboarder in the center top of the page and a distant sailboat off and behind him.

kayakers, standup paddleboarder and otter

Below, Jessica Perine (holding on to some kelp to keep her kayak from drifting in the swells), sees the otter surface near her.
kayaker holds kelp to keep from drifting and an otter surfaces nearby

and giggles as the otter starts to climb up on her kayak (I got the photo a second late and you can just see the otter surface diving).
kayaker reacts to an otter who started to climb up on her kayak

And here the otter started to climb up on the rear of Jimmy Pham’s and Richard Wagner’s kayakotter climbs up to rear of Jimmy Pham's and Richard Wagner's kayak

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