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toppled brick chimney USGS photo: chimney fallen on roof USGS photo:

This page is storage of links I use during EQ presentaions and is not orderly.

The public can find info at:

Fast, easy, cheap earthquake preparedness

earthquake home hazards survey

Disaster planning

Earthquake and pets advice

Helping Children Cope With Disaster

Disaster Supplies

You can find detailed maps (with zoom in capability) of potential road closures, risk of liqufaction and flooding, such as this map of potential Bay Area road closures after a San Andreas fault 7.2 quake,

road closures san andreas fault 7.2 quake: map showing potential road closures in Santa Clara county after a san andreas fault 7.2 quake

at the ABAG link at: Earthquake information sources

Store water for after an earthquake

Babysitter Consent and Contact Form

Community Emergency Response Team training

Blood donation FAQs

earthquake preparedness presentation links

earthquake preparedness presentation

bikes crushed by masonry

A 2004 map showing every Richter magnitude 1.5 to 7 earthquake in the Bay Area (67, 750 of them) from 1970 to 2003 is at:
eq traffic link


business contents safety quiz

home contents safety quiz

USGS Loma Prieta photos

los gatos brick masonry

porch Los Gatos

cars crushed brick masonry

Direct dial emergency phone numbers for most cities in Santa Clara County, California, can be found at the Santa Clara County ARES/RACES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services/Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services) website.

or in the government section of the phone book.

San Mateo County cities (and the San Francisco airport) direct dial phone numbers can be found at:,4770,chid%253D58951%2526sid%253D10710,00.html

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