Fifty ways to praise your swim students


Good         So good         Very good

Nice job         Fabulous        

Excellent         Wondrous         incredible         Unique         Distinctive       

Beee-uuuu-ti-full         astonishing         Electrifying       

So fine         Perfect         The best        

Gi-normously good

Now you have a really cool new trick.


Fantastic         Pretty         Distinctive         cool       

Inspiring         I’m flabbergasted        

Incomparable         Overwhelming         Phenomenal        
Extraordinary     Important         effective        

Yes!         Yeees!         Remarkable         Superior         Striking       

Good timing         Good position         Strong         Powerful        

Efficient         Right         Smooth         Streamlined         Correct       

Grand         Massive         Maaarrrr-velous         Exceptional         astonishing       
Quality         Magnificent        

Splendid        Looks good         Enormously good         Incomparable        

Superexcellent         Impressive       

Prime         Brilliant         dazzling       

      Exceedingly outstanding        Tremendous

Prize winning         World class        Stupendous        awesome        
Groovy         Totally dynamic         dynamite

Yes! Yes! Yes!       

Smooth         Coordinated         Effective        

Forceful         Relaxed        

Getting better        You’re getting it        So much better        

One hundred and ten percent better

I can see the difference        

You’ve got that fixed        

Nothing can stop you now

You figured it out       

You’ve discovered the secret

you must feel good about…       

We’re going to name that dive after you

I can see you put a lot of effort into that       

I really like the way that you…       

I wish we could have an instant replay on that       

You have met a very high standard

It’s fun to work with you

You worked hard on this       

Can you show that to the whole class?

Show me that again       

You make it look easy

I see what you’re trying to do here…       

This shows the value of persistance

Too easy for you?       

SuuuUUUuuma Cum Laude       

Thank you for trying so hard

I’m so pleased with how you’re doing        

Your improvement makes my work important       

This class did really well today!

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