Grand Teton National Park trip 2008

a few photos from the 2008 September De Anza College Outdoor Club trip to Grand Teton National Park:

see Grand Tetons for details about the trip this year.

bullwinkle Idaho sign 2008:

four wheel drive recommended: moving boats down portage stairs 2008: cow elk just off inner road near Jenny Lake:

600 wide oxbow sunrise 2008:

tetons 2008 group paddlling into mist:

oxbow bend group 2008:

bald eagle 2008: bald eagle and juvenile 2008 Tetons: bald eagle and juvenile at water's edge Oxbow bend

cow and calf moose JLL pond reflection: cow and calf moose Jackson lake lodge pond 2008:

cow and calf 2008 bedded at Jll pond: moose at Tetons gas station:

photos below by Mark Nevill (who did not get close to that elk and calf like the tourist did). The damage to the kayak trailer the group is seen trying to repair was done by a semi that sideswipped it then kept on traveling. Yup, middle of the night, middle of Nevada.

swimming Leigh lake 2008 by mark nevill: four people swimming, well in this picture standing, in Leigh lake 2008. Photo by mark nevill.Laura Goossens fine dining leigh lake by Mark nevill 2008: Laura Goossens enjoys fine dining at a leigh lake campsite bear box. Photo by Mark nevill 2008tourist way too close to elk and calf by Mark nevill: tourist on lawn in Yellowstone way too close to elk and calf. Photo by Mark nevill.

bison clouds 2008 by mark nevill: part of a herd of bison and lots of huge clouds above from the 2008 Grand tetons trip. Photo by mark nevill.repairs underway to kayak trailer by Mark Nevill: repairs underway to kayak trailer in the middle of the night in the middle of Nevada after a semi sideswipped it. Photo by Mark Nevill

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