Group photo with bear box

At the end of a 2001 De Anza Outdoor Club camping trip people were taking last minute pictures of each other at the campsite with just trees as background. I thought that didn’t make an interesting photo so I suggested, why not use the bear box that the bear had tried to break into the previous night? Things progressed from there.

So we tried the same group photo on the Tahoe 2003 trip.

It’s a good thing many people went home before these were taken (after the campsite was packed up and cleaned up), because there’s no way we could have fit everybody who was on the trip!

state park bear box interior: starting to load bear box:

bear box climb up one: bear box climb up two:

bear box climb up three: bear box group photo:

four girls in bear box:


We recommend bringing a good tent that will not leak rather than sleeping in a bear box.

sleeping in bear box: two sleeping in bear box:

(These ladies just posed for this photo, they actually slept in a tent.)


Using a campsite food storage locker has the details about using one of these to actually store food.