guarding the 2006 Alcatri triathlon

Below: first swimmer off one of the ferries, Ken Mignosa, with his destination in the background and a race boat with huge red buoys as a target. Ken started his swim with butterfly. He said he was literally swum over by others more than once during the race.

first swimmer off the boat (Ken Mignosa) and his destination Alcatri October 06:

Red Cross certified lifeguards Brian Harness and Shannon Mathey; Sylvia Lam Feury

Brian Harness and Shannon Mathey guarding Alcatri October 06: Sylvia Lam Feury guarding Alcatri 2006:

Debbie Adams; Lee Merschon and kayaker Amit Avitan

Debbie Adams guarding Alcatri Oct 2006: Lee Merschon and Amit Avitan guarding Alcatri 2006:

The kayakers form a start line that the swimmers swim up to and wait for the sound of a ferry horn to start. Much cheering as they tread water and the seconds are counted off. Below photos just before the start, as the start horn sounds, and seconds after:

Alcatri triathlon October 2006 just before the start: Alcatri triathlon October 2006 as the start horn sounds:

Alcatri October 06 3 seconds after start horn: Alcatri October 06 mass of swimmers shortly after start:

Alcatri October 2006 swimmers still in crowd shortly after start 560 pixels:

Below, approaching the finish, and lifeguard Karen Fabrizius assisting a swimmer:

approaching the swim finish Alcatri October 06: Karen Fabrizius assist while guarding Alcatri October 06:

October 15, 2006 AlcaTri traithlon:

Alcatri October 06 lifeguards and friends 368 pxl:

L= De Anza College trained lifeguard, F= friend, S= swimmer

(left to right) front row: Lee Merschon (L), Amit Avitan (F)

Middle row: Shannon Mathey (L), Debbie Adams (L),
Karen Fabrizius (L), Sylvia (Lam) Feury (L), Ken Mignosa (S), Mary Donahue (L)

back row Brian Harness (L), David Feury (F), Donny Mackin (F), Alan Ahlstrand (L), Ronnie Cziska (F)

photo by Selena Lum

There is a larger copy of the photo at:

picture: Alcatri October 2006 De Anza College lifeguards and friends


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