guarding the Silicon Valley Kids’ Triathlon 2005

Kids waiting in the bleachers for their start at the Silicon Valley Kids’ Triathlon 2005:

kids waiting in bleachers 2005 SVKT:

The swimmers use various strokes and means for the swim:

various strokes 2005 kids tri: swimmer 1 2005 SV kids tri:

The under six age group only swims once across the De Anza pool, so the volunteers get them set to go, then run around the pool after they start, hoping to get to the other side before they do to help them out if needed:

under six start SVKT 2005: volunteers running around pool after under 5 kids start SVKT 2005:

above right: guards Joe Lloyd and Grace Lucuab

below: guards Jason Yi and Joe Lloyd

Jason Yih guarding at 2005 kids tri: Joe Lloyd guarding the SV kids tri athlon 2005:

Lifeguards Quang Tran and Joe Lloyd with swimmers they assisted or even saved:

Quang Tran and swimmer SVKT 2005: assisting kid from pool 2005 svkt:

Quang Tran and his first assist silicon valley kids triathlon 2005: Joe Lloyd and save:

The De Anza trained volunteer lifeguards (some of whom were lifeguard instructors = LGI) at this event were:

Ruth Zaltsman (LGI, EMT), Angela Atenta, Ashleyanne Hopkins, Grace Lucuab, Quang Tran, Jason Yih, Joseph Lloyd,
and Mary Donahue (LGI).


details about this event and the answer to the question

Why/when do the lifeguards get into the pool?

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