HLTH57A card fee agreement

At the end of De Anza College HLTH57A students need to sign a card fee agreement if they have decided they want the Red Cross certification, or to say they do not want it. This webpage is for all students to read in advance of the last class to save class time.

The agreement you will be signing for Spring quarter 2022 will say (unless there are last minute changes!):

“By printing my name below (as it is on De Anza College records) and signing next to it I am saying that in the Spring, 2022 De Anza College HLTH 57A class I want to get a Red Cross certification card and I will owe $27.

(If I do not want the cert I will write “I don’t want the certification” next to my name, and not owe anything.)

In the course syllabus it says: “A $27 fee . . . is required for the Red Cross to process your paperwork if you choose to get a certificate.

There are no free certifications, and this fee would apply no matter what form your certification came in, an actual “card” or just a digital record you print from. The deadline to decide you want the cert will be the last day of class. (You won’t be able to decide after the class is over that you wanted the cert.)

The deadline to pay will be three working days after the class is over. Do not try to pay the fee during the time the class is running, you must wait until after the class is over.

If you decide you want the cert and do not pay for it on time, a hold will be put on your De Anza College records until you do pay and you will not be able to register for classes, get transcripts, etc. Please note, it can take awhile to get this hold released. if you do not pay the cert fee by the deadline I will not be responsible for mailing your cert when you finally do pay, even if you gave me a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

I know I am responsible for paying the fee within three working days of today, the last day of class, Friday, April 29 (deadline Wednesday, May 4). If I do not pay promptly a hold can be put on my records and I will not be able to register for classes, get transcripts, etc. I also acknowledge that the payment must be made online by clicking on the Bill Payment icon in the Apps section of MyPortal, then on the “Pay Now” button.  I also acknowledge that the payment must be made with a VISA, MasterCard, or Discover card.”