How to get a message to a De Anza instructor

There are various ways to contact a De Anza instructor or get them a copy of a term paper or other project outside of class time.


You can email most De Anza instructors through the college system. Most instructors have an email address of their

Each instructor will have their own policy as to whether they accept emailed assignments. They will also have deadlines. To drop off a hard copy of an assignment at a mailbox see below.


You can leave a note, letter or small package for any faculty member, any time of day.

Go to the faculty mailroom entrance at the Administration Building. If you are at the main fountain, looking towards the Admin building, the mailroom is towards the left of that side of the building. The mail drop is shown in the center of the photo below.

administration building mail drop for faculty:

(As of 2021, a plywood cover was out over the mail slot, due to covid concerns, and it could not be used. I might not know when the “new external box” will be in place, but when I find out about it, will try to update this page.)

Mail is picked up from the drop box at least twice a day each day the college is open and delivered to faculty mailboxes.

Wise students keep a copy of any assignment just in case it does not get to the instructor so they can prove they really did the assignment.


Many faculty (over 200) have websites where students can get the fastest answers to questions about classes and programs.

The index to professors’ web sites is at:


Almost all faculty have a phone number through the campus. Unfortunately, the phone message line for part time instructors is shared and therefore there is no blinking light on an answering machine to tell the instructor that they have a message. Since I rarely (maybe once a month) get messages on this line I don’t check there every day, so I’d give the advice to try email for part time faculty.