When a student misses classes in Kinesiology at De Anza College they will need to make up at least some of their absences.

Each instructor will have rules for makeups, such as how many absences are allowed before a makeup is needed, how many makeups are allowed and in what venue.

(For example: makeups for Kinesiology activity classes, such as swimming, can’t be done in the Wellness Center or weight training classes, according to the Dean of Physical Education.)

This page became out of date. I am leaving it for future reference.

lake water


long stripe of lake water


stripe of blue water


blue and dark blue swimming pool

To find a potential class to do a makeup in, ask your instructor what their policy is, (and ask what other classes they teach or consult the schedule of classes).

To attend a class taught by a different instructor the student will need a make-up slip signed by the instructor of the class they are enrolled in. Otherwise the instructor of the class they want to attend would not have proof they are actually enrolled in a De Anza College Kinesiology class and have permission from their instructor to do the makeup.

Students must get a makeup slip from the instructor of the class they are enrolled in (need to make up). Do not ask for one at the PE Division office, or ask a different instructor.

(Make-ups should not be postponed until late in the quarter, as they might be difficult or impossible to do. For example, if the class a student wants to attend has been cancelled for some reason, they might not know it has been.)

The form needed looks like this:







Near the top of the page there are spaces for Instructor Signature (the signature of the instructor of the class the student is enrolled in) and Student Name.

The next spaces to fill in are for the Class Title – Days & Times Class Meets of the class the student is enrolled in, and the Student ID Number (we do not use Social Security numbers anymore).

This section described above needs to be filled out before attending a makeup class. Leave the rest of the form blank until you get to the class you want to use as a makeup.

At the bottom of the page are spaces for Supervising Instructor Signature, (the signature of the instructor of the class attended as a makeup), and Class Participated In (the name of the class you are using as a makeup, such as KNES1A).

The last blank to fill in on the makeup slip is the Date of the makeup class.




For makeups needed in swim classes taught by Mary Donahue, the author of this webpage, the basic rules are in each class syllabus.

You will need to get a makeup slip from me during class. You will probably not be taught the same material in the class you do the makeup in.

If you are enrolled in a KNES1A class, for example, there is no need to get a makeup slip to attend another KNES1A class taught by me, and no need to email me to ask if you can attend. The dates and times of such classes and any possible cancellations we know of in advance are listed at the class webpage(s).

People enrolled in KNES 2A, KNES 1C or D, could be bored swimming with a KNES1B class until later in the quarter when the class is working out more.