May 2018 De Anza Outdoor Club Monterey kayak adventure

We launched on a floating dock in the placid waters of the harbor.

People climbed into their kayaks on the floating dock, and then are slid off into the water.

Then people practiced paddling while others were launched, see in background of photos below:

ocean kayak starting towards launch

two men in a tandem kayak launching

ocean kayak seconds after launching

We stayed back nearing the harbor entrance when a big speed boat went by:

two tandem kayaks in foreground, large fishing boat behind

No one could miss seeing the sea lions at the harbor entrance (or miss hearing them):

rock jetty and sea lions

Here is a closer look:

mass of sea lions in Monterey Bay

We decided to stay in one group:

Monterey Bay aquarium in background, kayakers in foreground

And finally got the kayaks together for a group photo in front of the Monterey Bay Aquarium:

Monterey Bay Aquarium in background, kayakers in front with some of their paddles in the air

kayakers in a row

kayakers in front of Monterey Bay Aquarium

kayakers in front of Monterey Bay Aquarium

Everyone saw otters and sea lions and many saw seals.

Nobody fell out of their kayak on this trip! (Some did intentionally in the De Anza swimming pool before the trip, but we have no photographic evidence, just the echoes of laughter.)

Details about this De Anza College Outdoor Club trip, usually offered fall and spring quarters, are at:

Monterey ocean kayak day trip