Monterey kayak day trip October 2017

We launched on a floating dock in the placid waters of the harbor.

People climbed into their kayaks on the floating dock, and then are slid off into the water.

Then people practiced paddling while others were launched, then we set up a group photo.

a row of thirtyy people in kayaks

In an effort to get a bigger picture of each kayaker, I divided one of the shots at the harbor into two pictures:

kayaks lined up next to each other
kayaks lined up next to each other

We decided to paddle together in one group:

kayakers in Monterey bay with hotels in background

and here another photo getting closer to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the gray buildings on the left:

kayakers on Monterey Bay

And took another group photo with the Monterey Bay Aquarium behind us (we noticed people on the balconies at the Monterey Bay Aquarium taking pictures of us).

line of kayaks with Monterey Bay Aquarium behind them

and again, the group photo broken up into parts:

part of a group photo of kayakers

part of a group of kayakers

Everyone saw otters and sea lions and many saw seals.

Nobody fell out of their kayak on this trip!

Details about this De Anza College Outdoor Club trip, usually offered fall and spring quarters, are at:

Monterey ocean kayak day trip