Monterey kayak March 2014

group photo on land kayak March 2014: people standing in rows on a wide staircase, wearing lifejackets and holding paddles and a couple of rescue tubes

For the March 29, 2014 De Anza College Outdoor Club Monterey kayak trip it drizzled and the wind came up while we were kayaking but it did not start to pour rain until after the kayaking and two hikes at Point Lobos.

kayaking March 2014 group photo out on the water: kayakers somewhat in a row out on Monterey Bay

We saw more otters than on previous trips, including babies lying on their mothers. No one got a photo of an otter and a seal that swam right under the kayakers.

Egret otters and Canada Geese: an Egret standing on a section of kelp, with otters floating on it and Canada Geese paddling by

On the second hike at Point Lobos we saw a baby seal:

seals and baby seal march 2014: baby seal and two adults as seen from a cliff above the beach baby seal Point Lobos march 2014: seals seen from a cliff above a beach

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