Monterey kayak trip October 2021

After a lesson in paddling on the deck above the launch ramp, and after launching and practice paddling in a back section of the harbor, we started paddling out through the anchored motorboats and sailboats. As soon as we started paddling we spotted otters,

otters floating on kelp

and stayed aside of them.

kayakers in harbor

kayakers paddle past otters in harbor

kayakers paddle past otters

On the 3/4 of a mile paddle to in front of the Monterey Bay Aquarium we saw an egret standing on kelp (center of photo below) who flew to our sides and front as it searched for food. We also had many seagulls and rows of pelicans and cormorants fly by us, some far overhead, some just above the surface of the water. Saw more otters and seals swimming by and around us as well.

egret in background, kayaks in foreground

We had patches of blue sky above us most of the time, but the photos mostly show the huge fog bank hiding Santa Cruz across the bay:
kayakers with clouds and blue sky above them

When we got to the Monterey Bay Aquarium we formed a group photo:

row of kayakers with Monterey Bay Aquarium behind them

row of kayakers with Monterey Bay Aquarium behind them

kayakers in a row

kayakers in a row

I told the students that some of the people watching us from the Aquarium balconies were thinking

“I would not be able to do that!”

group of paddlers


kayakers paddling




When we got back, one of the otters in the harbor looked like it was sleeping:

otters floating on top of kelp

Nobody fell out of their kayak on this trip!

Details about this De Anza College Outdoor Club adventure, usually offered fall and spring quarters, are at:

Monterey ocean kayak day trip