Monterey ocean kayak day trip October 2019

On the October 20, 2019 De Anza College Outdoor Club kayak trip in Monterey bay we had foggy and sunny weather. Most of the students had not been kayaking before. No one fell out of their kayak!

We launch in the harbor, (below a kayaker got into their kayak on a large floating platform, and is being slid into the water, a much easier launch than trying to step into a kayak from a dock).

kayak on large floating platform being slid into the water

People get time to practice paddling while everyone launches, then we paddle out through the harbor.

kayakers and a sailboat

Past the harbor we paddle past the breakwater with the large number of sea lions who bark very LOUDLY.

row of kayakers

We had more than the usual numbers of pelicans flying over us, (or even right alongside us):

pelicans flying over kayakers

We paddled mostly in sunshine, but also paddled into a fog bank.

kayakers with a fog bank beyond them

kayakers in a fog bakayakers in a fog bank with sun streaming down photo by Alan Ahlstrand

kayakers in thick fog

When we get to the Monterey Bay Aquarium we line up for a group photo:

kayakers posing for a photo

Was the fog that thick, or were there water drops on the lense?

Oct 2019 part of group kayakingOct 2019 part of group kayakingOct 2019 part of group kayakingkayakers Oct 2019

The concessionaire paid a guy to slide the kayaks back on the floating dock when we returned:

kayaker slid on to floating platform

lifting a kayak on to a floating docklifting a kayak on to a floating dock

Details about these trips are at:
Monterey ocean kayak day trip