The swim class assignments include some reading on healthy eating:

Go to:

and briefly write up two most important rules for you.

Then go to:

choose two topics and briefly write up two new things you learned at each of the two topics. If you did not learn anything new, write up the two most important things at each of the two topics.

Here is some optional reading

From USMS (United States Masters Swim)

Eight Nutrients to Support Your Immune System
With “Powerhouse pre-workout snack”

From USMS (United States Masters Swim)

three ways to fuel before your next workout and kick your performance to another level

most of these are from U.C. Berkeley Wellness

What to eat before a workout

14 keys to a healthy diet

healthy eating/supermarket buying guide

18 keys to a healthy diet

Healthy eating on a budget:

From USMS (United States Masters Swim)

what swimmers need to know about sports drinks

make your own sports drink

“ . . . energy drinks have been linked in recent years with nearly three dozen deaths and hundreds of other adverse events, including seizures and cardiac arrests. There is no good reason to drink them.”

Sugary Drinks Increase Mortality Risk

You don’t need to drink eight glasses of water each day:

Sneak some more fruit juice into yourself or kids: Pour several different colored 100% juices into ice cube trays and freeze. When frozen, put an assortment of different colored fruit juice cubes into a glass and pour apple juice or white grape juice or sugar-free seltzer over the cubes.

Foods that lower blood pressure

Can supplements help with colds?

You can look up various vitamins at:

studies may have put the kibosh on three common health claims made for fish oil pills

Food Irradiation


Don’t be afraid of fruit

Puffed Snacks: A Healthier Option?
If you like to nosh between meals, you may be familiar with the exploding trend of puffed snack foods made with legumes (like lentils and chickpeas), grains (like quinoa), vegetables (such as cauliflower and beets), and even seeds. Most are marketed as healthy options with wholesome-sounding names and descriptors on the packages. But are these new-generation snacks actually good for you—or are they just grownup junk food?

Caffeine, Athletic Performance, and Your Genes

To help reduce age-related cognitive decline:

switch good fats for bad fats

For Omega-3s, Go Fish!
Fish is the best source of two omega-3 fats—eicosapentenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexenoic acid (DHA)—linked to health benefits. Here’s a quick guide to which types pack the most (and least) of these healthful fats.

Vitamin D and Omega-3s: More VITAL News
New analyses from the landmark clinical trial known as VITAL have brought more disappointing news about the potential of vitamin D or omega-3 pills to improve a wide array of health outcomes, from bone health to heart failure. The researchers tested the popular supplements in more than 25,000 people over five years. Here’s a look at the evidence, along with our recommendations on both D and omega-3s.