Outdoor Club kayaking at Baylands Preserve October 2022

We started our adventure at near high tide

dock with water level near high tide

and finished at closer to low tide, when there was much more mud around the dock we launch from:
dock with water level near low tide

Two paddlers in one of the kayaks got a bit away from where they should have been, in very shallow water, and had to paddle back out into the bay sliding through the mud. At the end of our paddle we spotted these tracks from the bottom of their kayak in the mud:

tracks in mud from bottom of kayak that went off course into shallow water



First step is to unload the kayaks from the trailer:

two people up on trailer

kayak unloading and moving kayaks

people and boats around trailer



We put the paddles together, got the proper size of life jacket on, took keys out of pockets and put them into dry bags, carried the boats down the ramp to the dock and practiced paddling motions a bit before putting the boats in the water.

practice paddling on dock before launching



Here, kayakers are departing the dock:

kayaks departing dock

kayaks underway from dock



The section of the bay we paddle in is away from boat traffic, and wide enough at high tide for plenty of space to paddle.

kayakers at baylands october 2022

wide section of bay to paddle



People got accomplished at two two paddlers matching their paddling strokes, tried paddling backwards, tried fast paddling, tried a figure eight, experimented with one person paddling right and left and the other paddling only on one side get a feel for handing this type of kayak.

3 tandem kayaks at baylands preserve



Then we set up a race.

kayaks in a row to start a race


At the start of the race, (and even into the race) not everyone paddled straight:

just after start of kayak race

kayakers racing

some kayak racers went straighter than others

The two tandem kayaks that were first (on the right below) and second (on the left below) in the race paddled fast enough to make a bow wave and a wake in the water behind them:

2 fast kayaks making a wake

tandem kayak in race



after kayaking, everyone got various jobs to get gear back up to the trailer,

carrying lifejackets and first boat back to trailer

the paddles transport easier if they are all put into one boat to be taken up the ramp:

men carrying boat full of paddles

then paddles are hosed off

hosing off paddles after kayaking

kayaks are loaded onto the trailer, cables are put through to lock them,

running lock cable through kayak and trailer

straps need to be untangled before the kayaks can be strapped on:

people at trailer untangling straps



The main trip webpage is: Baylands kayaking