Outdoor Club Monterey kayak trip 2010 group photos

2010 De Anza ocean kayak trip group photo: ocean kayakers lined up in their boats for a group photo

After we launched on our annual spring break Monterey bay kayak day trip and lined up for a group photo, a curious seal swam by to take a few looks at us:

2010 closer view of seal near kayakers.jpg: head of a seal above water near a few kayaks

2010 kayakers group with seal watching: kayakers group with seal watching them watch him

2010 seal swimming by a row of kayakers: seal swimming by a row of kayakers

2010 group photo with seal: group photo of kayakers with seal in foreground

then finally surface dived and swam away

2010 seal swimming near line of kayakers: a line of kayakers in Monterey bay with a seal nearby at the surface just starting to dive below

The high tide made for easier paddling with the water level above the kelp tops and the whole group went past the aquarium and part or most of the way to Lover’s Point.

Our lips are sealed as to the identity of the two students who ended up falling out of their kayaks.

We hiked and picnicked at Point Lobos afterwards and saw a baby seal.

Details about the next trip are at:

Monterey ocean kayak day trip