Outdoor Club Monterey kayak trip October 2018

When the De Anza College Outdoor Club went kayaking in Monterey Oct. 28, 2018 we saw a whale we did not get our cameras out in time to get a shot of. (But if we had gotten our cameras out, we would have missed seeing the whale.)

Pods of seals swam among us, and a few came up slightly close while we were setting up our group photo in front of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but did not pose in the photo:

people in kayaks in a row front of the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Miles (center of the photo below) won the kayaking backwards race and a few other competitors actually figured out how to kayak backwards with some speed before the “race” was finished.

kayaks pointing in all directions

We stopped for a group photo at the edge of the harbor while masses of sea lions chorused loudly at us from the breakwater:

row of kayakers with breakwater in background

Nobody fell out of their kayak.

More photos might be coming as I get them from the trip members.