swim class quizzes

This homework is open book. Due dates for each assignment are at the website page for the class. You can type or handwrite the answers, as long as I can read your handwriting.

Please note: you are responsible for keeping a copy of each assignment in case the one you turn in is lost.

I do not accept emailed assignments.

To avoid confusion in recording your homework print or type your name and the title of the homework
at the top of the page you turn in.

For the multiple choice questions, Choose the one best answer, unless it says to choose any that apply.



Two quizzes are posted at this page, (stretching and strength training). Please scroll down to the one you need.




Stretching homework questions:

1) When should you stretch? (Choose one answer.)

A) after a warm-up

B) when cooling down after a workout

C) only if you are on a team

D) A and B

2) T / F During ballistic stretching muscles are forcefully stretched during bouncing movements. An example is trying to bend over and touch your toes while bouncing in rapid succesion. Becuase this can damage your muscles, your text advises against balistic stretching, especially for people of average fitness.

3) Safe stretching includes these rules (choose any that apply):

A) No pain, no gain

B) Do not stretch to the point of pain

C) Hold your breath while you stretch to be able to stretch fartrher

D) Relax and breathe easily while you stretch

E) Compete with other people on how far you can stretch




Strength training homework questions:

1) For general fitness, how much weight lifting should I do?

A) weight lifting is not for general fitness, it is only used to develop big muscles.

B) you don’t need a complicated or heavy training program to improve strength and enhance your quality of life

C) at least one set of 8 to 12 repetitions of 8 to 10 exercises will suffice

D) B and C

2) Should you hold your breath when you lift weights? Why or why not?

3) Regular strength training has these benefits (choose any that apply):

A) Improved body image

B) Denser bones

C) Improved health

D) Less risk of heart disease and premature death

E) Inhances your abilty to maintain good posture