swim class short essay

All swim classes at De Anza share the same curriculum (the course content, designed by De Anza College). Each instructor must teach the same material.

De Anza also specifies that for novice swim classes there will be writing assignments, such as:

Writing –

2.Essay based upon the history of swimming or swimming in the student’s home country.

I asked students what length seemed appropriate for a short essay and we agreed on 250 words.

I wrote up a webpage on the History of Swimming that includes the outline of all the subject matter required by De Anza college to be taught to swim students:

Examine the global and historical development of swimming from survival to competition.

and then I added more. The page is at: History of swimming section

Students in my classes can use the page and links from it without needing to go to the library or do research from other sources. Please note that you can use the page for research, but the essay must be in your own words. You can quote from that page, or any other material, but you should not just copy a webpage from somewhere and turn it in.

You do not need to email me and tell me what subject you want to write about. Just pick out a topic and write the essay.

Possible subjects for your short essay on the history of swimming…

write about:

    a few people who invented something useful for swimmers


    a few people who figured out ways to swim faster


    a few people who invented new ways to have fun in/on the water


    how politics has played a role in the history of swimming


    trace ways freestyle was made faster


    women in swimming


    some of the history of water polo or surfing or …

    records of long distance swimming





from Professor Johnson, 4/19/00, written comments posted on his office door with the suspect homework.

© 2000 Tim Johnson, used with permission


We professors have a memory for names that is best served in one of the following ways:

Your name is an eponym (you’re named after a famous person or place),

An epiphenomenon process occurred (you told me your name and I remembered it), or

An epistolary action occurred (you wrote your name down on the homework).

Of the three choices, the last is the best because not everyone can be named Abe Lincoln and we have trouble remembering where we put our wallets.