swim test for people who want to swim in deep water

Most of the big racing pool at De Anza College is 6 to 7 feet deep (the west end and the center).

Olympic sized swimming pool

I give this deep water swim test to people in my classes who want to swim in the deeper sections of the pool.

(For novice swim classes there is no swim test at all.
For beginning classes, when we have shallow water (which we do on Saturdays), there is no deep water swim test for most students, except those who want to swim in the deep parts of the pool.)

We give the deep water swim test (usually the first class session, after needed paperwork, discussions, etc.), in a lane at least 6 or 7 feet deep, for example, the lane at the far west end of the pool.

You will tread water for at least three minutes, using a real treading water kick (such as a whip kick, eggbeater or a scissors kick such as used in sidestroke). If you go to a lane line or the wall and hold on at any time during the three minutes, you have not passed this test. Kick movements such as a flutter kick, wide flutter kick, legs moving as though you are riding a bicycle or climbing stairs might function for you for brief moments, but are not accepted to pass this test.

Occasionally students choose to wear a full or partial sized wetsuit in the pool for warmth, but since a wetsuit provides buoyancy, you can not wear one for this deep water swim test.

After showing proficiency at treading water, people swim one at a time,

one 25 yard lap of backstroke and one 25 yard lap of freestyle, (the width of the big pool).

Your strokes do not have to have perfect form, but you will need to complete each of the laps without stopping and complete the treading water without stopping (you will not go to the wall or grab a lane line for support).

(You will not use a flip turn or dive into the pool during this testing.)


See class webpages for intermediate swimming, advanced swimming and aerobic swimming


There is a great video of the De Anza College pool complex

poster for a video tour
at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upsndI_J1Dg