waterfront lifeguard practice May 16, 2010

Some of each lifeguard class chooses to earn a waterfront guard certification along with their pool lifeguard cert,

so we have a field trip to the beach for the skills they can’t practice in/at the De Anza pool.

Putting on a wetsuit she borrowed that didn’t quite fit:

I'm going to fit my whole body in that hole: five waterfront lifeguard candidates laughing over fitting into a wetsuit, one saying "I'm going to fit my whole body in that hole" (at the neck in the top of the wetsuit)

Front and back carry:

group watches front and back carry 2010: waterfront lifeguard candidates watch a front and back carry photo by Alan AhlstrandMay 16 2010 more front and back carry practice: at Cowells beach, lifeguard candidates practice lifting a victim

front and back carry at beach 2010: beach in front of hotel with various lifeguard students practing a carry

Pretending to be a victim in need of CPR:

waterfront guard practice victim: waterfront guard practice victim pretending to be unconscious on a beach

Beach drag: (see explanation at beach drag)

2 rescuer beach drag 2010: two lifeguard candidates drag a victim along the sand

one rescuer beach drag 2010: lifeguard candidate drags a pretend victim across the sand by the armpits

Paddling practice:

waterfront guard paddlers 2010: waves slightly breaking on shore and 5 waterfront lifeguard candidates on rescue boards out in the bay

1000 pixels waterfront guard paddling practice: Lifeguard instructor Ken Mignosa oversees paddling practice at a beach for five waterfront guard candidates, one rescue board upside down.


Lifeguard Training FAQs has answers to questions about the certifications and prerequisites.