2014 Yosemite winter trip

Group photo the last morning of the February 2014 De Anza College Outdoor Club Yosemite camping trip:

group photo Yosemite winter trip 2014: 30 people in rain gear sitting or standing on a picnic table in a Yosemite campsite

and a few hours later, most of the group after brunch at the Ahwahnee hotel:

group photo at brunch 2014 winter trip: people standing behind and sitting at a dining table at the Ahwahnee hotel, Feb. 2014

six in tent Yosemite winter 2014: six people in a dark tent five girls in tent 2014 Yosemite winter trip: five girls in a dark tent

snow camp hike 2014 unknown photographer: six people on a snowy trail snow camp dinner 2014 unknown photographer: five people sitting and standing around a picnic table under a dining canopy

It rained all weekend in Yosemite valley, but those who skied found powder at that higher altitude, and for those who hiked the 7.2 miles (round trip) to the top of Yosemite Falls, it was snowing at that altitude.

Yosemite falls trail display at visitor center with route.: photo of Yosemite cliffs with Yosemite falls trail outlined

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