August 2004 Tuolumne trip

Which will you remember the most: the weather, the hike to May Lake and or the top of Mnt. Hoffman, swimming in May Lake, preparing for visits from bears, kayaking races at Tenaya Lake, campfires, or…?

Sunset photo below by Manny Respicio:

sunset by Manny Respicio:

We did have mostly good luck with the weather. There was a little rain, thunder and lightning as we moved into the campsite on Thursday. People who had rain jackets and tents with rain flies that go all the way down the sides did fine. (Some others went home early).

We were able to kayak before the clouds moved in on Friday. Then the monsoon rain, hail and slushy hail hit, complete with marvelous thunder and lightning that made some careful ladies retire to the safety of their car. The campground hosts told us that some locals said it was some of the heaviest rain they had seen. It was clear Saturday morning for our big hike to the top of 10,000 foot elevation Mount Hoffman, and no storm blocked our access to the top. But on the last morning the clouds, thunder and lightning moved in again

Lembert Dome and black clouds:

and we were unable to swim. We still walked to the World’s greatest swimming hole and there is a group photo of the last people on the trip posted at that page.

Tenaya Lake group 2004:

If this is a race, why are people going in all directions?

Tenaya Lake race:

Photo below by Manny Respicio:

on Tenaya Lake by Manny Respicio:

Pictures of deer, bobcat and Ptarmigan tracks in mud, Columbine, Groundsel and Monkeyflower, thinking about swimming in May Lake, and the rest of the hike to the top of Mount Hoffman are at: May Lake to Mount Hoffman

Sandy, Irene and Sherry, that’s you (the little dots) at the start of the trail across the long meadow at that page:

end of long meadow:

We crammed all the food and toiletries into the bear boxes:

bear box with daypacks and bin: Chris Throm in bear box:

bear box with paper bags: bear box with pan:

We had great accomodations: (photo by Grant West)

Sharon, Khai tent by Grant West:

Took walks along the river: (photos by Grant West and Sharon Humlick)

cascade Tuolumne by Grant West: cascade Tuolumne by Sharon Humlick:

Everybody helped with camp chores, like cleaning out a tent the last day:

bear helps clean out tent: closeup of bear and friends: