De Anza College Outdoor Club Yosemite winter trip 2006

Group photo the last morning

snow camp group 2006 300+ pxls:

and alternate group photo … too many people in a carpool

too many people in a carpool winter camp 2006: winter trip 2006 carpool with bear:

Some of the group all cleaned up after camping, taken at the Ahwahnee by campground host Kathy Spalding, who came to brunch with us.

De Anza College group at Ahwahnee brunch 2006 photo by Kathy Spalding:

breakfast in camp is a little less fancy…

breakfast winter campground Yosemite 2006:

groups at the base of upper Yosemite Fall with snowcone and rainbow

2006 at base of Yosemite fall small group with snowcone:

2006 group and all of upper Yosemite Fall:

2006 group snowcone and rainbow:

2006 larger group in front of snow cone:


Details about this yearly De Anza College trip start at: Snow Camp

More pictures of the usual Saturday hike are at Upper Yosemite Fall hike.

Outdoor Club winter campers at brunch has more about the Ahwahnee hotel Sunday brunch we go to at the end of each trip.

For details about all current club events and on how to find us to sign up for events go to:

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