De Anza College Outdoor Club Yosemite winter trip 2022

The campers had luck because someone who had used one of their campsites after the huge snow storm a few weeks earlier had shoveled a space for tents and paths to and from the picnic table:

space cleared in snow with tents pitched

Three photos by Aaron Genovia

stars in center of night sky photo, surrounded by tree tops

The rangers told us that the trail to the top of upper Yosemite Falls was dangerously icy, so people only hiked as far as Columbia Rock. (And met others on the trail who said they “slipped all the way down” when they went beyond Columbia Rock.)

View just after sunset at the end of the hike to Columbia Rock:

looking down on Yosemite valley

stars, shooting star and Yosemite Falls

The “Grand Brunch” we went to previous years was not offered, so we did our own the last morning (with apple pie, various granolas and yogurts, fresh pineapple/tangerines, bagels & cream cheese & smoked salmon, bacon, turkey summer sausage log & mustard, prawn cocktail with or without sauce, deviled eggs, green salad, eight flavors sliced cheeses, chocolate-covered strawberries, four flavors of cheesecake, assorted muffins, a 72 piece Whitman’s Sampler of dark and light chocolates that we started Saturday morning at 7 a.m. before the hike, various juices, coffee & tea):

people sitting on balcony with Yosemite falls in background

Ooooops, never did get the pictures from the students of the snowshoe walk with a Ranger-naturalist.