guarding the Sharkfest and Alcatri 2007

Sharkfest 2007 lifeguards:

Alcatri Lifeguards 2007:

Sharkfest 2007 lifeguards and ferry before athletes jump off:

Keith Hubbard guarding Alcatri 2007:

Gong Ye Chen guarding Sharkfest 2007: Rosie Bhudsaborg guardng Sharkfest 2007:

Wendy Sato and Keith Hubbard guarding Sharkfest 2007: Debbie Adams and Glenn Wheatland guarding Sharkfest 2007:

paddlers raise their paddles to signify that they have a swimmers who needs a ride in…

Shannon Mathey and first assist Sharkfest 2007:

and the SFPD or another support craft picks up the swimmer…

SFPD at Sharkfest 2007:

Most of the paddlers form a start line and the swimmers go towards it for the start:

alcatri 2007 lining up for start of swim:

and they are off…

start of Alcatri 2007:

Wendy and Keith Sharkfest 2007:

San Francisco skyline and Sharkfest 2007:

lifeguards at the finish line:

Eric Hall, Caitlin Hipskind and Brian Pham guarding at finish line 2007 Sharkfest:

Danoush Ahmadi guarding Alcatri finish 2007:

lunch after Sharkfest 2007:

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Tips for guarding open water swims

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