Alcatraz group photos

These are the group photos of the De Anza College people who volunteered out on the water at the Escape from Alcatraz ‘Sharkfest’ swim and AlcaTri triathlon.

Below: (2000) De Anza-trained lifeguards and friend. (Kneeling) Bridgette Valenzuela – behind her, left to right, Leanna Hadel, Christian Sumabat, Charles Williams, Mike Rivers, Mary Donahue, (in front) Yanik Rodriquez, (behind her) Alan Ahlstrand, Renae Aguilar, Sharon Faseer and John Mayer.

Alcatraz group photo 2000:

Below:(2001) Lifeguards and other paddlers. (Front row left to right) Yanik Rodriquez, Jess Keegan, Renae Aguilar, (Renae’s cousin) behind her – Michelle Minor, Brad Lindemann, Donny Cheng. (Back row, left to right) Kevin Halseth, Alan Ahlstrand, John Mayer, Mary Donahue, David Ross, Michelle Hackett, Michael Gregg, Purisai Rangaragan.

Alcatraz group photo 2001:

Below (2002) Lifeguards and other volunteers on the water. (Front row, left to right), Jay Willard, Sam Thomas, Shahin Zonoobi, Natashua (Natalya) Levitan, Shutoku Shia.
(Middle row, left to right) Kernan Dibble, Eric Marxmiller, Selena Lum, Yanik Rodriquez

(Back row, left to right) Michael Gregg, Minh Nguyen, Duong Nguyen, John Garnett, Mary Donahue, Alan Ahlstrand, Purisai Rangaragan, Jess Keegan.

Alcatraz group photo 2002:

Group photo below by Arya Goudarzi.
Lifeguards for the 2003 race were (left to right):

Sean Downey, Tertia Cole, Alan Ahlstrand, Mary Donahue, Duong Nguyen, Shahin
Zonoobi, Wendy Sato, Kevin Halseth, Renae Aguilar, Michelle Minor Aceituno, Veronica
Moreno and John Garnett.

group photo 2003 sharkfest:

See also: Sharkfest 2003 lifeguarding

Photo below by Michele Lucien. De Anza people

(L = lifeguard, S = swimmer, V = volunteer)

at the 2004 Sharkfest race:

front row, left to right

(L) Ali Samievafa, (L) Gong Ye Chen, (L) Ernie Moreno (and Mugneca) (L) Michelle Minor Aceituno, (L) Brigette Valenzuela Keilig, (L) Colleen Muller-Robb, (V) Ying Cai

back row, left to right

(L) Mary Donahue, (L) Chris Throm, (L) Alan Ahlstrand, (L) George Cullison, (L) Marty Zhu, (S) Sylvia Lam, (L) Wendy Sato, (L) Shahin Zonoobi, (L) Brian Harness, (S) John Garnett, (L) Duong Nguyen

Present, but missing from the group photo, swimmer (De Anza Campus Center Director) Patrick Gannon.

large group photo Sharkfest 2004:

See also: Sharkfest 2004 lifeguarding

S = swimmer, L = lifeguard, K = volunteer kayaker

back row, left to right

(S) Patrick Gannon (De Anza Campus Center Director), (S)George Cullison, (L) Alan Ahlstrand, (L) Mary Donahue, (L) Joseph Lloyd, (L)Grace Lucuab, (K) Daniel Krohn, (L) Gong Ye Chen, (L) Duong Nguyen

front row, left to right

(S) Sylvia Lam, (K) Elizabeth Fochtman, (K) Lee Merschon (K)Abi Merschon

missing from group photo (L) Wendy Sato,

Alcatraz group photo 2005:

below, from the AlcaTri triathlon, 2005:

back row, left to right: Joe Lloyd, Mary Donahue, Alan Ahlstrand

next row Grace Lucuab, Brigette Valenzuela Keilig, Wendy Sato, Marissa Muniz, Rosie Bhudsaborg

in front Yanik Rodriquez.

Alcatri lifeguards 2005:

2006 Sharkfest swim volunteers from De Anza College (and a couple of swimmers who also happen to be lifeguards)

L = Lifeguard, many of whom were in kayaks, S= swimmer, K = kayaker, V = volunteer

front row left to right: Lee Merschon (L), Gong Ye Chen (L), Grace Lucuab (L), Sylvia (Lam) Feury (S), Jennifer Cassell (L) , Shannon Mathey (L), Debbie Adams (L), Wendy Sato (L) , Ken Mignosa (L), Duong Nguyen (L), Imelda Terrazas (V)

Back row left to right: Leland Johnson (K), Joe Lloyd (L), George Cullison (S), Dana Johnson (L), Alan Ahlstrand (L), Mary Donahue (L), Elizabeth Fochtman (K)

missing from the photo, kayaker Abi Merschon

Sharkfest De Anza volunteers and swimmers 2006 400 pixels:

There is a larger copy of the 2006 photo at:

PIcture: some of the De Anza College participants at the Sharkfest swim race 2006

October 15, 2006 AlcaTri traithlon:

Alcatri October 06 lifeguards and friends 368 pxl:

L= De Anza College trained lifeguard, F= friend, S= swimmer

(left to right) front row: Lee Merschon (L), Amit Avitan (F)

Middle row: Shannon Mathey (L), Debbie Adams (L),
Karen Fabrizius (L), Sylvia (Lam) Feury (L), Ken Mignosa (S), Mary Donahue (L)

back row Brian Harness (L), David Feury (F), Donny Mackin (F), Alan Ahlstrand (L), Ronnie Cziska (F)

photo by Selena Lum

There is a larger copy of the photo at:

picture: Alcatri October 2006 De Anza College lifeguards and friends

Sharkfest, June 10, 2007 lifeguards and friends:

L= De Anza College trained lifeguard, P = volunteer paddler:

front row, left to right (P) Tammy Mc Crory (L) Eric Hall, (L) Glenn Wheatland, (P) ?

back row, left to right (P) Imelda Terrazas, (L) Gong Ye Chen, (L) Brian Pham, (L) Debbie Adams, (L) Alan Ahlstrand, (L)Shannon Mathey, (L) Mary Donahue, (L) Keith Hubbard, (L) Rosie Bhudsaborg, (P) Sonia Bui (L) Caitlin Hipskind

missing from picture: (L) Wendy Sato

Sharkfest 2007 lifeguards:

Alcatri June 24, 2007 lifeguards:

front: Danoush Ahmadi

back, left to right: Ken Mignosa, Mary Donahue, Alan Ahlstrand, Debbie Adams, Shannon Mathey, Keith Hubbard, Glenn Wheatland, Sherry Fong (too late for the picture: Joe Lloyd).

Alcatri Lifeguards 2007:


lifeguards group photo Alcatri 2010 photo by Imelda Terrazas: lifeguards lined up on the beach at Aquatic Park with sunrise clouds in background

left to right: Joyce Kuo, Herland Antezana, Javier Puente, Jeremiah Chua, Alanna Klausen, Mary Donahue, Emily May, Alan Ahlstrand, Ethan Wilkie, Natalie Groft, Susan Restani, Joelle Cope and Brittany Peters.

De Anza College trained Red Cross Water Safety Instructors Sherry Fong and Imelda Terrazas were among the padders.


a group photo on the beach at Aquatic Park, before we paddled to Alcatraz:

people standing on a beach by Aquatic Park in San Francisco

front row, left to right, Jovill Gruspe, Christina Nguyen, (behind her) Mary Donahue, Jessica Perine

back row, left to right, Alan Ahlstrand, Chris Throm, Nicholas Pusateri, Kelly Gomez and Iqra Shaikh

And another group photo, with slightly different people (two were too late for the first group photo, but did participate as race volunteers, one swimmer also did not make it to the first group photo) after a pot-luck lunch:

people sitting on bench and standing

on bench, left to right: Christina Nguyen, Iqra Shaikh and Kelly Gomez

back row, left to right: Christine Luc, Kim Filipinas, Jovill Gruspe, Mary Donahue, Alan Ahlstrand, Nicholas Pusateri, Jessica Perine and swimmer Christine Leonard

Read about the 2017 race at: Alcatraz Sharkfest 2017 Volunteers

Golden Gate Sharkfest July 22, 2018 has pictures of kayaking under the of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Bay, another race Alan Ahlstrand, Tuchih Tsai, Joan Chiou, Ka Yun Cheng, Kelly Gomez, Krishnakanth Batta and Mary Donahue volunteered at.


Which year?

row of people on beach with row of kayaks in front of them


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