How to find the De Anza College swimming pools

Directions to De Anza College, 21250 Stevens Creek Blvd, (on the south side of highway 85), in Cupertino, California, are at:

The De Anza College Olympic-sized swimming pool and diving well are just about in the center of the campus. Look for the light blue square and rectangle on campus maps

as seen in this section of the map:

simple map

In this aerial photo, Stelling road and the campus entrance from Stelling road are on the right.                                                                 The Stelling Parking structure (parking garage closest to the pool complex)  is in the center, and the pool complex is on the left:

parking lot and pool from above

In this aerial photo, Stelling Blvd is just visible beyond the row of trees at the campus edge in the upper left hand corner, next on the right is the Stelling Parking Structure (parking garage).
The pool complex is on the right hand side, with part of the pool visible between the PE1 / PE2 buildings and the locker room building.

buildings including partially visible Olympic sized swimming pool

The photo below is taken from the direction of the Stelling Parking Garage towards the main entrance to the pool complex.

entrance with large gates

There are entrances from the pool deck to the locker rooms:


locker room entrance from pool:
To get from the pool deck to the locker rooms, women enter the tunnel on the RIGHT from the pool deck and go directly up to their locker room. Men enter through the LEFT entrance and go down a hall to their locker room.

Men should note that there is a storage room in the left tunnel that is accessed by both female and male personnel, and they should change clothes in the locker room, not the tunnel.

At the exterior pool end of the tunnel there are showers on the wall, especially good when the locker-rooms are closed.

There is a great video of the De Anza College pool complexposter for a video tourat

stripe of pool water

What are EPOOL, WPOOL, MPOOL, or DWELL, as listed in the schedule of classes?

EPOOL refers to the east end of the De Anza College Olympic sized pool. This is the shallow end with water up to 5 feet deep. Novice swim classes, some beginning swim classes and water exercise classes are held there.

MPOOL is the middle section and WPOOL is the west end of the pool. Both are in water that is at least 6 to 7 feet deep.

DWELL is the diving well, the second pool at De Anza. It is 14 to 16 feet deep.

Most classes meet the first day in the bleachers above the pool, some on the pool deck, often in the vicinity of the E,M,W or DWELL section they are assigned to. The first day for all of my swim classes we get in the water.

aerial photo of pool: aerial photo of De Anza pool
Practice on a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) is usually, but not always, a part of the last day of my swim classes. It is optional and will not apply to your grade.

woman in a lifejacket on a stand-up paddleboard at a swimming pool

If you think you can’t learn to swim, you should read:
Letters from novice swim students written for future novice students.

How to get a P.E. locker (and general rules & regulations for locker room use) at De Anza College

and see: How to find the De Anza College Fitness and Wellness Center (PE 610) and classroom PE673 at this map.

Most quarters, all parking at De Anza requires a paid fee or permit, except in spaces that are designated for disability parking or 30-minute visitor parking. Find all the details at:

When these classes are held on a weekend, please note, each first Saturday of the month there is a flea market at De Anza, (unless it is totally rained out), taking up a lot of parking space. IF the campus is charging for parking and issuing parking permits, there will be parking attendants asking for ten dollars to park, but if you have purchased a quarter-long permit and tell them you are there for a swim class, they should let you in without paying extra. DO NOT try to park in the lot on the east (Stelling road) side of the campus, there is almost always much more room, and less hassle if you park in lot E, on the other side of the PE quad.

OR try the Flint Center parking garage, at the Stevens Creek and Highway 85 corner of the campus, as even the top floor has space most Flea Market days. You will need to plan time for the walk from there, but that could be faster than driving around and around looking for a parking space.


drawing of many people