KNES Kinesiology course listings at De Anza College

Almost all De Anza College PE (Physical Education, P.E.) activity and lecture courses were renamed KNES (Kinesiology).

When you look in the schedule of classes you will find that

Team Sports techniques are still PE, for example PE45X Intercollegiate Swimming and Diving (Men and Women)

Physical Education/Adapted is PEA. For info and/or to apply go to:

Massage Therapy became MASG.

Below is a list of the old and new titles/numbers.


You can read the curriculum (what is taught in a class, the course outline or course content, usually designed by a division and reviewed and approved by the college) for any De Anza class at:

Each instructor can teach each class and grade each class differently.

P.E. 26A becomes KNES 1A Novice Swimming

(and see Letters from novice swimmers to tell you that an adult non-swimmer can learn to swim!)

P.E. 26B becomes KNES 1B Beginning Swimming

P.E. 26C becomes KNES 1C Intermediate Swimming

P.E. 26D becomes KNES 1D Advanced Swimming

P.E. 6G becomes KNES 2A Aerobic Swimming

PE6F KNES 2B Deep Water Running

There is a great video of the De Anza College pool complex at

P E -003 KNES 5A Indoor Cycling

PE3B KNES 5B High Intensity Indoor Cycling

PE3AX PE3AY KNES 5C Outdoor Cycling

PE6H KNES 6A Aerobic Power Walking

PE 6S KNES 7A Step Aerobics

P.E. 6Z KNES 7D Latin Infused Aerobics

PE6R KNES 7G Hi-Lo Impact Aerobic Rhythms

PE 6Q KNES 7H Lo Impact Aerobic Rhythms

P E -006K KNES 11A Cardio Kick

PE2K KNES 12A Aikido

PE2L KNES 12B Intermediate Aikido

PE 2A KNES 12D Beginning Karate

PE 2B KNES 12E Intermediate Karate

PE3G KNES 12G Self-Defense

PE2Q KNES 12H Tai Chi

PE2R KNES 12J Intermediate Tai Chi

PE 6B KNES 15A Cross Training

P E -008 KNES 15C Total Fitness

P E -009 KNES 15E Cardiovascular and Strength Training

P E -006U KNES 16A Fit Camp

P.E. 5A KNES 16B Spin/Swim Fitness

P E -004 KNES 19A Strength Development

PE4Y KNES 19D Training for Muscular Endurance

P E -006D KNES 19E Body Sculpting

P E -006V KNES 19G Core Conditioning

P E -002Y KNES 22A Hatha Yoga

P E -002G KNES 22B Yoga for Relaxation

P E -002D KNES 22C Power Yoga

P E -002E KNES 22D Flow Yoga

PE2F KNES 22E Yoga/Pilates Combo

P E -011 KNES 25A Stretching

pe 11C KNES 25B Active Isolated Stretching

P E -002P KNES 26A Basic Pilates Mat Exercise

PE2T KNES 26B Integrated Pilates Mat Exercise

PE 16A KNES 30A Beginning Golf

PE 16D KNES 30B Advanced Beginning Golf

PE 16B KNES 30C Intermediate Golf

PE 13A KNES 31A beginning badminton

PE 13B KNES 31B intermediate badminton

PE 13C KNES 31C advanced badminton

P E -021A KNES 32A Beginning Tennis

P E -021B KNES 32B Advanced Beginning Tennis

P E -021C KNES 32C Intermediate Tennis

P E -021D KNES 32D Advanced Tennis

PE 10X PE10Y KNES 33A Multi-Sport Fitness

PE1H KNES 36A Team Sport – Basketball

PE 33A KNES 37A Soccer

PE 33D KNES 37B Soccer Level 2

PE 33E KNES 37C Soccer Level 3

PE33F KNES 37D Soccer Level 4

PE 33I KNES 37E Indoor Soccer

PE 33J KNES 38A Futsal Level 1

PE 33K KNES 38B Futsal Level 2

PE 33L KNES 38C Futsal Level 3

PE33M KNES 38D Futsal Level 4

PE 19A beginning volleyball KNES-39A Volleyball level 1

PE 19B intermediate volleyball KNES-39B Volleyball level 2

PE 19C advanced volleyball KNES-39C Volleyball level 3

P E -007A KNES 42A Motor Skills Assessment and Development

PE 7B KNES 42B Motor Development Training Methodologies

PE7C KNES 42C High Intensity Motor Training

PE7D KNES 42D Aquatic Motor Development

P E -030 KNES 45 Introduction to Kinesiology

PE35 KNES 46 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries

P E -070A KNES 50A Orientation to Lifetime Fitness

P E -071 KNES 50AL Lifetime Wellness and Fitness Center Laboratory

(All students who have successfully completed KNES 50A, KNES 50AL (formerly PE 70A and PE 71) please go to the Wellness Center (PE610) the first week of school if you are interested in using the facility.) Map of the De Anza College pools, Fitness Center, PE Classroom 673.

PE79 KNES 51A Exercise and Weight Management

PE79A KNES 51AL Exercise and Weight Management Laboratory

P E -053 KNES 52 Physical Stress Management

P E -051 KNES 53 Health and Fitness

P E -072 KNES 54 Introduction to Sport in Society

PE85 KNES 55 Exercise Science

PE85S KNES 56 Fitness Assessment for Personal Trainers

PE88A KNES 57A Coaching I: The Foundations of Coaching

PE88B KNES 57B Coaching II: The Fundamentals of Fundraising and Budgeting

KNES 77 Special Projects in Physical Education