map of De Anza College pools, pool deck level classroom and P E 673

This map has been updated, please see:

map of De Anza College pools, diving well, classroom PE673.


The original map below showed a pool-deck level classroom that is now only storage.

Now the Saturday swim classes (novice swimming, KNES1B, KNES1C) watch the Red Cross and USA Swimming videos of how-to-do-swim-strokes in

classroom PE 12U as it has much more comfortable seating than the pool deck level classroom /storage area did.








De Anza College map showing pools, classrooms, locker room entrance

Above see a map of the De Anza College swimming pool, diving well (DWELL), Fitness and Wellness Center (PE 610) and classroom PE673.

(Sections of the large Olympic-sized pool are listed in the schedule of classes as POOLE (the east, shallow end), POOLM (the middle section) and POOLW (the west end).

The doors/gates between PE buildings PE1 and PE2 are sometimes locked from the outside but have bars you can push on from the inside to get out to PE12U. See buildings PE1 and PE2 at this map:

or this map:

To get to classroom P.E. 12 U from the pool deck, you would go through the doors/gates between PE buildings PE1 and PE2, turn left and look for a door in the building on your left with stairs up to PE12U. see map

building with downstairs entrance to PE 12U De Anza College

(Ooooops, the tiny yellow letters in the photo above that you can barely read are where the door is.)


P.E. 673 is at the end of an inside hallway in the center of the same building as the locker rooms. The hallway has an entrance at the pool area side, and at the stadium side.

edges of 2 swimming pools and level above with doors and windows

At the upper level, just above the green sign at the pool deck, you can see two dark brown doors (the door on the right has a small white sign on it in this photo) which are at the entrance to the hallway to classroom PE673 / entrance to the men’s locker room. This hallway goes all the way through the locker rooms building out to the edge of the stadium.

To get from the pool deck level to the hallway and classroom PE673 / entrance to the men’s lockerroom, people should enter through the LEFT (looking dark in this picture, but usually well lit tunnel) entrance pictured at about the center of the photo above.

To go the their lockerroom from the pool deck, women enter the tunnel on the RIGHT from the pool deck and go directly up stairs to their locker room.

Men should note that there is a storage room in the left tunnel that is accessed by both female and male personnel, and they should change clothes in the locker room, not the tunnel. How to get a P.E. locker at De Anza College

At the exterior pool end of the tunnel there are showers on the wall, especially good when the locker-rooms are closed.


The PE Division office is at the upper deck level on the left hand side of the map above. In the photo below, the office door is the center one on the upper level.

west end of pool complex at De Anza College showing part of the diving well and an upstairs hallway


Find the pools (the light blue square and rectangle in about the center) of this campus map :


There is a great video of the De Anza College pool complex at


Practice on a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) is optional, and not always a part of the last day of one of my Saturday swim classes:

woman in a lifejacket on a stand-up paddleboard at a swimming pool



photos by Joyce Kuo

photo by Joyce Kuo diver summer PE 26C D class De Anza College: a diver takes off from a three meter diving board, caught in mid air

back flip photo by Joyce Kuo: swim student in mid air upside down during a back dive from a one meter diving board


2005 pool and kayaks from above:

The De Anza Outdoor Club has a kayaking lesson in the De Anza pool each quarter on a weekend. Details and a few pictures from previous lessons are posted at:
kayaking / canoeing lessons



There is an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) in a white box on the wall at the south-east end of the swimming pool, the pool shallow end, where the novice swim classes meet.


It could be used, by anyone trained in how to use it, to help someone who has a massive heart attack and their heart stops. Please note that when someone opens the door to the box on the wall a loud alarm goes off that does not stop when the door is shut.

For those of you already trained in how to use an AED, the model originally put at the pool deck is a little bit different than most. To turn it on you pull where it says “PULL” and when that lid lifts off you will find the pads already attached to the machine. (Many other models have you plug in the connector for the pads.)

heart start AED

Photos of other locations around the campus are at AED locations at De Anza College

For an introduction to CPR and the use of an AED, go to:

AED quick facts


Please note, each first Saturday of the month there is a flea market at De Anza, (unless it is totally rained out), taking up a lot of parking space. There will be parking attendants asking for ten dollars to park, but if you have purchased a quarter-long permit and tell them you are there for a swim class, they should let you in without paying extra. DO NOT try to park in the lot on the east (Stelling road) side of the campus, there is almost always much more room, and less hassle if you park in lot E, on the other side of the PE quad. Find Lot E at: OR try the Flint Center parking garage, at the Stevens Creek and highway 85 corner of the campus, as even the top floor has space most Flea Market days. You will need to plan time for the walk from there, but that could be faster than driving around and around looking for a parking space.


See also: novice swimming, KNES1B, KNES1C, KNES1D KNES 2A

See also: How to get a P.E. locker at De Anza College

Info about parking permits, including electric vehicle charging stations, is at:

For Health Services (where you can pick up some packets of over-the-counter medications, join a quit smoking program and more), CLUBS (like the Outdoor Club) and DASB see also:

locations of offices in the De Anza College Campus Center which also shows the upper level of the De Anza Campus Center including the cafeteria (Food Court), large Conference Rooms A and B (which are sometime joined for events), Don Bautista Room, El Clemente Room, Santa Cruz Room and the Fireside Room.

The Admissions and Registration office, bookstore and Veterans Office is at

map of first floor De Anza College Registration and Student Services building

Counseling and International Students offices are upstairs.