loading kayaks on the De Anza trailer

These are photos from a trip to Stevens Creek reservoir for some beginners’ practice.

The trailer is 22′ long (including the tongue) by 108 inches wide.

The trailer will fit all ten tandem kayaks and a canoe as well. On the trip pictured below we had some no-shows so we only unloaded and used nine of the kayaks, and there was one on top as we started the reloading.

The trailer has a built-in metal padlocked box big enough for the paddles and at least some of the lifejackets. Start by putting the paddles and not-too-wet lifejackets in the bin first. (Or on some trips we pack the lifejackets in the ends of the kayaks.)

loading paddles:

Load from the top down so you can stand below the top ones more easily as you put them on.

loading kayaks nov 2:

A strong man might think he can lift one on by himself, but it’s just not safe. We prefer to have three or four people under each as they are lifted up on the trailer.

loading kayaks 2004 1:

loading kayaks nov 3:

loading kayaks nov 6:

loading kayaks nov 7:

And when they are all on, they are lashed and locked on.

loading kayaks nov 8: lashing kayaks:

The kayak strapping needs to be double-checked after they are put on. If one were to come loose on the road it could do a great deal of damage to another vehicle or even cause an accident resulting in death.

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