Membership benefits

De Anza students don’t have to be a club member to go on events, but club members usually pay from $5 to $10 to even $15 less per event and sometimes get to sign up before other students.

Outdoor Club membership is $15 for 365 days.

Members don’t have to attend meetings unless they want to sign up for an event or volunteer to help on trips or run a trip.

For details about club events and on how to find us to pay for a membership, sign up for events or volunteer, go to:

Outdoor Club Coming Attractions

Only members can be officers. Read Outdoor Club Constitution for more info.

Any club member can propose and plan a club trip. For details about how click on: Club Trip Leader Job Description

How club money is spent is at: Outdoor Club Finances

We used to rent out camping gear but can’t anymore. People going on overnight trips can rent from places often listed at Snow or Rain camp must-haves

More club info is at:

Outdoor Club Basic Info

Carpool FAQs


The Outdoor Club is a completely volunteer organization, neither the officers nor the advisor are paid. As a result you will not get the same “service” from us as from a professional group. We do not have the time to return phone calls or emails from people asking questions that they could have found the answers to by simply looking through this website. We can’t always find a way to sign up people who can’t make it to our regular meetings, to a class when we are there, or to a table we have on campus. People who wait until the last minute to sign up are sometimes left out.