Northern Yellowstone winter wildlife viewing

Northern Yellowstone winter wildlife viewing Northern Yellowstone National Park, especially the Lamar Valley, is a winter wildlife watchers’ paradise. These are pictures from late December and early January.

You can’t miss seeing bison and elk, either whole herds from a distance, or occasionally up close:

Yellowstone winter 2007 bison herd from a distance:

Yellowstone winter bison jam:

Yellowstone bison traffic jam winter:

Yellowstone bull elk winter 2007:

Notice in the picture below of two bison butting heads during a snowstorm, how thick their coats are, the snow falling on them does not melt.

bison in snow storm butting heads:

Using your car as a blind, there are plenty of opportunities to get pictures without getting near the animals.

Yellowstone sign warning animals: sign caution do not approach wildlife:

At various turnouts you might find other wildilfe watchers and you can check out what they have spotted.

First morning out we spotted a few of the Oxbow pack on a ridge, but my little digital camera got no great close-up pictures.

early morning wolf watchers spot pack on horizon: blurry wolf photo from small digital camera taken thru spotter scope:

The second day we spent all day at one turnout in Lamar Valley.

Yellowstone winter wolf watchers Lamar valley buffalo ranch: Slough Creek pack at bison carcass with Ravens and Magpies Mark Ellwein:

More pictures of the wolves are at:

Yellowstone wolf watching early January 2007

Pictures from a third day of wildlife watching are at:

Soda Butte Creek animal tracks, ouzels and coyote, winter

coyote sniffing at tracks in snow:

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