Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park photos

Scenery, sunsets, moose, eagles, pikas, beavers, wildflowers and more from twenty plus years of trips to Grand Teton National park.

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Pika on rock ledge at edge of talus slope:

there are more pika pictures at:


sunset Lunch Tree Hill 2005 560 pixels:

more at:

De Anza College Outdoor Club Grand Teton park trip 2006

more sunsets at:
Grand Tetons

mt moran from leigh lake portage beach sept 2007:

this is from: Grand Teton trip 2007 photos


moose calf nursing Tetons 2006 180 pixels:

there are more of these two at: Moose cow and calf, Grand Teton National Park September, 2006

paddling into misty sunrise Tetons:

is from: Grand Tetons Sept. 2005

600 wide oxbow sunrise 2008:

is from: Grand Teton National Park trip 2008

moose and mom 6:

more are at:

cow moose and calf

Yellowstone coyote winter 2007: coyote sniffing at tracks in snow:

more at: Soda Butte Creek animal tracks, ouzels and coyote, winter


Cascade Canyon from across Jenny Lake: Cascade Canyon trail and mtn:

more at: Cascade Canyon, Grand Teton National Park

including Hidden Falls in June and September

bald eagle Tetons as seen from kayak:

more at: Grand Tetons Bald Eagles



Grand Teton National Park birds has photos and details about the most common ones we can hope to see
including Bald Eagle, Red-winged Blackbird, Canada Geese, Clark’s Nutcracker, Golden Eagle, Great Blue Heron.Great Gray Owl, Harlequin duck, Loon, Magpie, Merganser, Northern Flicker (woodpecker), Osprey, Ouzel, Pelican, Peregrine Falcon, Ptarmigan, Raven, Sandhill Cranes, Steller’s Jays, Trumpeter Swan, Western Meadowlark and Western Tanager, with links to calls / songs from most of them to listen to.

and you can Download photos of over a hundred birds of Grand Teton National Park

hawk flying



beaver climbing up dam: beavers grooming:

Grand Tetons beaver lodge pictures

Silky Phacelia and Columbine:

Silky Phacelia and Columbine: mass of Silky Phacelia and Columbine:

more at:Cascade Canyon wildflowers


morning mist on leigh lake:

more at:String Lake to Leigh Lake, Grand Teton National park

group in safety glassesswatching solar eclipse on an island in Jackson Lake, Wyoming

In 2017 we watched a total solar eclipse on a beach we had to ourselves out on Jackson Lake.

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Yellowstone has NASA and NPS aerial photo/drawings

NASA aerial photo of Teton Range

String Lake, Grand Tetons

Grand Tetons September 2004

Tetons paddlers 2005

2009 Grand Teton trip

De Anza College Outdoor Club Grand Teton trip 2010

Northern Yellowstone winter wildlife viewing

Yellowstone wolf watching early January 2007