Yosemite snow camp 2005 group photo in tent

When the faculty advisor announced on the last morning of the 2005 De Anza Outdoor Club snow camp trip that was time for the group photo and everyone should get their sleeping bags, some people were not certian why they needed sleeping bags. (Photo below by Jill Goddell.)

someoneinsleeping bag by Jill Goodell:

Then the advisor said that everyone should get into one of our big tents, and people climbed in: (Photo below by Jill Goodell.)

stuffing in to the tent by Jill Goodell:

Some of these are from a video we made. It started with Valli giving a speech about sleeping warmly with proper sleeping bags and perhaps a comforter over them:

Valli speech in tent:

Then the camera pans out to others giving opinions of how warm it can be sleeping twenty plus people in an eight person tent:

crowded tent 2005 five: crowded tent snow 2005 three:

crowded tent snow 2005 four: crowded tent 2005 one:

group photo in tent 2005 Yosemite: alice hiding:

group photo in tent Yosemite 2005:

Yosemite snow camp Feb 2005 group in tent:

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