February 2005 Yosemite camping

Snow camp group photo 2005 200 pxls:

Three people on this trip had never been camping before.

Some campers were brave and pitched their tents right on the snow, others used snow-free space under trees. (Pitching tent after dark by Pavan Singh.)

upper river campground winter 2005: Deepak pitching tent group campfire in background by Pavan Singh:

We were lucky and got campsites with large bearboxes.

snow bearbox 2005 two: snow bearbox 2005 five: snow 2005 bearbox one:

Pre-hike chocolate cake and coffee for breakfast. (Okay, and a few other things.) (Second photo by Pavan Singh.)

chocolate cake for breakfast: breakfast by Pavan Singh:

Saturday hike:

The sign on the bear getting into car display said:

Warning: this could happen to your vehicle!.

(second photo by Irene Calizo)

Alice, Deepak, Shannon and bear: bearwarning by Irene Calizo:

hikers pose with bear:

Yosemite Falls trail snow 2005:

Upper Yosemite Fall Feb 5 2005: photographers rainbow and upper Yosemite Fall:

More pictures from 2005 and 2003 hikes are at:
Upper Yosemite Fall hike

Sunset was early, so we did lots of things after dark. A typical college evening campfire includes cooking, lounging, guitar, marshmallows, laptop. (Five photos below by Colin Underwood.)

snow camp fire 2005 by Colin Underwood: cooking by colin underwood:

Michael & computer at campfire by Colin Underwood:
Joel playing guitar by Colin Underwood: tent at night Colin Underwood:

Before we took the more formal group photo the last morning (at the top of this page), we tried one in a tent:

crowded tent 2005 five: crowded tent snow 2005 three:

The rest of the stuffing 20+ people into an eight person tent pictures are at:

Yosemite snow camp 2005 group photo in tent

Some people had to go home early Sunday, but we finished with two tables for ten at the Ahwahnee brunch.

Photo below, taken in the waiting area outside the Ahwahnee dining room, by Michael Gregg. The sign elicited comments.

conduct themselves Michael Gregg photo:

Delaware North photos of the Ahwahnee and the dining room:

Ahwahnee DineroomDWN:

Pictures of our group at brunch by Deepak Chandani.

Ahwahnee brunch Feb 2005 by Deepak Chandani: third platefull Ahwahnee brunch: Ahwahnee brunch by Deepak Chandani:

Quite a difference from the campsite just-add-boiling-water instant mashed potato cup that Khai picked up in the dark, mistook for her instant rice cup and praised as being so creamy.

Oysters, chocolate covered strawberries, orange juice, broiled salmon, lox, prawns, prime rib, made-to-order (at least a dozen choices of ingredients) omelets, eggs Benedict, grilled vegies, marinated vegies, green salad, various sliced fruit, cheese plate, chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, hash browns, baked ham, blintzes, creme brulee, cakes…

Ahwahnee brunch omelet and Prime Rib: