Grand Tetons September 2004

First sightings of animals are usually bison on the main highway into the park, or in this case, horses and bison grazing together:

bison and horses grazing: bison and horses grazing 156 pixels:

We launched to canoe on Oxbow Bend on the Snake River near sunrise with mist still on the water.

red leaves morning mist: Oxbow Bend sunrise sept 2004:

Out on Oxbow Bend we saw a Bald Eagle on shore:

Eagle on shore long distance:

Without binoculars we could see otters climbing up the shore around the Eagle (look at shore edge to the left of the Eagle in the picture below). I thought, I bet he’s got a fish. Shortly the otters stole the fish from the eagle and he flew to a snag on another island across the water.

Eagle otters closer:

Sylvia Gallegos photographing Bald Eagle on snag: Bald Eagle Sept 2004:

The otters swam around and ate the fish.

otters and Mount Moran: otter eating fish:

I saw a few cars stopped along the main road and people clustered looking out on the water. I looked with binoculars to see if they had spotted wildlife we had not, but it turned out they were watching us to see what we had found.

Awhile after sunrise, when the light is at the right angle, the Lady’s Thumb Knotweed blooming at the surface looks like a pink mist floating on the water.

floating pink mist on water: ladys thumb knotweed closeup:

As we canoed back into the islands of Oxbow Bend we watched a coyote looking for breakfast along the shore.

coyote patrolling shore:

Then we rounded another bend and were able to watch a young male moose browse.

canoeists see moose on island: young male moose browsing 2004:

Another day, at Christian pond, we saw Trumpeter Swans and a mom moose and calf.

Christian Pond swans and ducks distance: trumpeter swan by Alan Ahlstrand:

Christian Pond mom and calf moose: moose calf by Alan Ahlstrand:

In a hike up Cascade canyon, two of the group, and a number of other hikers, only saw the huge antlers of a napping moose. Some of the other hikers said they had been waiting an hour or more hoping he would stand up, as this was the first moose they had seen on their trip.

antlers of napping bull moose:

About twenty minutes later, Sylvia Gallegos got pictures of two moose competing:

two moose by Sylvia Gallegos:

two moose closer by Sylvia Gallegos:

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Pika Pikas are only 8 inches long.

Pika near Inspiration Point:

leaves red pink yellow: gold aspen leaves and clouds:

We had sunny, relatively warm weather most of the days, but rain woke us up at around midnight for two nights at the end. This mini-storm left snow on the top fourth of the peaks.

clouds, peak: clouds obstruct Mt Moran at Oxbow Bend:

2004 sunset two lunch tree hill: 2004 sunset one Lunch Tree Hill:

sign moose wilson road:
sign danger do not approach wildlife:

moose and mount moran:

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