This pika’s home is right next to a trail through a talus field in Grand Teton National Park. By being quiet and still we were able to watch him for quite awhile.

Pika's home at edge of rockfield Grand Teton park Sept. 2006: closer view of Pika Grand Teton Natl Park Sept 2006:

Pika nibbling Grand Teton park 2006:

Pika on rock ledge at edge of talus slope:

Right across the trail, I just got this shot of a weasel:

weasel in rockfield Grand Tetons park 2006:

(The size of the animals in relation to each other in these photos is deceiving. The pika is about the size of an adult fist and the weasel is the size of a large house cat.)

On another day we saw a Marmot and a Pika together along another section of trail:

marmot and pica on trail: marmot and pica on trail

and one year we watched a pika scampering with food to dry and store for the winter.

pika with a large leafy branch in his mouth

They store the food in “hay piles” between rocks:

leaves in a pile between rocks

Most of these photos were taken in Cascade Canyon, Grand Teton National Park

Most Americans pronounce Pika “pike-a”, Canadians┬ápronounce it “peeek-a.”

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