Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve Soundscape Key

Copied from a Grand Teton National Park handout, identification of the sources of the sounds heard in the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve ‘Soundscape’ room.

“Notes: Below is a list of prominent sounds that can be heard in the Soundscape, along with a description of each sound. The list is in relative order from the beginning of the loop to the end. There are many other small, less prominent sounds heard throughout the loop that are not listed.

1. Song sparrow (high-pitched song with multiple chirps and buzzy “zeets.”

2. Dark-eyed junco (multiple “chits” and “chats”)

3. Red squirrel (high-pitched clicking)

4. Ducks taking off in flight (rapid wingbeats)

5. Yellow warbler (song a rapid sweet sweet ti ti ti too”)

6. Ruby-crowned kinglet (song ending in rapid “teacher-teacher-teacher”)

7. Raven (repeated squawking)

8. Ruffed grouse drumming (beating becomes increasingly rapid)

9. Running water

10. Red-winged blackbirds (song a buzzy “zeeeee” or “kon-ka-reeeee”)

11. Cicadas/grasshoppers

12. Canada geese (in-flight call, a repeated honking)

13. Bald eagle whining

14. Wilson’s snipe (“huhuhuhuhu” flight call)

15. Coyotes yipping/howling

16. Mallard ducks swimming

17. Bald eagle whining

18. Crickets

19. Olive-sided flycatcher (song a whistled “quick, three beers” or “whip, weee-deeer”)

20. Light rain

21. Thunderstorm

22. Barn swallows chattering

23. Elk Bugling

24. Ravens (intermittent squawking)

25. Great horned owl”

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