map of first floor De Anza College Registration and Student Services building

The Registration and Student Services building is a dark blue rectangle near the top center of the main campus map at:

Look at the campus map for parking lot A1, right next to /north of the Registration and Student Services building. You can park free, without a permit, for no more than 30 minutes in designated spaces.


map showing numbered rooms and hallways

To pay the fee for the Red Cross first aid certification earned in the De Anza College HLTH 57A class, go into the Registration and Student Services building, down the main hall and turn into the side hall to find the Cashier (see letter D in the map above).

Admissions and Records help desks are at the letter A. (You can apply to De Anza College, register for classes and pay fees online without coming on campus. )

Counseling and International Students offices are upstairs.

The bookstore is at letter C on the map, or you can find most texts, including rentals, at Classes with free downloadable textbooks, such as HLTH57A are listed at:

Veterans’ Services are at the letter F Psychological Services are at the letter G


There is a defibrillator (AED, Automated External Defibrillator), the white box in about the center of the photo below, just outside the building near the letter B on the above map. It could be used, by anyone trained in how to use it, to help someone who has a massive heart attack and their heart stops. Please note that when someone opens the door to the box on the wall a loud alarm goes off that does not stop when the door is shut.

a e d at north side of community and student services building at De Anza College

Photos of other locations of AEDS around the De Anza College campus are at AED locations at De Anza College

For an introduction to CPR and the use of an AED, go to:

AED quick facts

moving rainbow line:

moving rainbow line:

For Health Services (where you can pick up some packets of over-the-counter medications, join a quit smoking program and more), CLUBS (like the Outdoor Club), the Office of College Life / Student Accounts, and DASB see:

locations of offices in the De Anza College Campus Center

which also shows the upper level of the De Anza Campus Center including the cafeteria (Food Court), large Conference Rooms A and B (which are sometime joined for events), Don Bautista room, El Clemente Room, Santa Cruz Room and the Fireside Room.

and see

map of De Anza College pools, pool deck level classroom and P E 673